Conduct a social media audit to make every dollar count.

Half of marketers don’t have an ROI figure for social media. Don’t be that marketer. It’s time that we make every dollar count by conducting a social media audit for your brand or business.

Our social media audit includes an in depth review and assessment of your brand, your competition, and your consumers. The final deliverable is a social media audit document and presentation that outlines our findings. These findings will be broken down so you can execute our recommendations on your own, and will include:

  • Content Strategy Recommendations – what to post, how often and when
  • Social Media Platforms Recommendations – which ones to use, and which to stay away from
  • Optimization Recommendations for social media platforms
  • Identification of your biggest social media consumer segments
  • Where consumers are talking about your brand and a look at what they’re saying
  • Social media marketing opportunities for your brand.
  • Step-by-step guide to improving your social media marketing efforts

Whether you’re already at the top or you’re on your way up, our social media audit will give you a fresh perspective of your online presence. Contact us to find out how you’re doing with your social media marketing efforts by filling out the form below or giving us a call at (602) 910-1214.

Markitors is the only digital marketing agency that was started by an auditor. We provide social media insights and data figures for agencies, business owners and marketers. The quality of our social media audit starts with the experience of conducting audits in the financial and marketing worlds. We’ve analyzed the numbers of many of the world’s fastest growing companies as it relates to both finances and marketing. These experiences have produced a proven methodology that we use to deploy the latest, high quality auditing tools and perspectives.

For free social media audit tips and tactics, like Markitors on Facebook.

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