Influencer Marketing Tips: How To Reach The Right Influencers

Influencer marketing is all the rage with content marketing today.

Our clients are driving sales from YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, email, blogs – all the sites where influencer marketing flourishes.

How do you reach the right influencers? How do you get an influencer to talk about and share your products with their audience?

Here are some influencer marketing tips on how to reach the right influencers:

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Target The Right Influencer Marketing Platform
We typically find that the right mix of influencer marketing platforms consist of email, social media and blogs.

You know your target audience and there are several ways to determine which platform is right for you. The first way is by looking at your own internal success on different platforms. Have you been able to drive sales for your ecommerce site through Pinterest? Have you been able to sell hair products through informative YouTube videos? Auditing your own internal efforts will help you expand your efforts with influencers on the same, proven platform.

If you don’t have a track record on different platforms, you’ll need to do a little research to find where your customers are. If you have an existing list of customer phone numbers or email addresses, many platforms allow you to “find friends.” Upload your email list to a platform to see how many of your customers actually use the platform. If the number is high, then chances are you’ve found a good platform to do some influencer marketing.

How to find influencers

Target The Right Influencers

Influencer outreach is sometimes treated as a quantity over quality type of game. An influencer marketing agency might target with a “blast and pray” approach. Rarely does this work the way it’s intended.

Instead, invest time in finding and learning about who the right influencers are. The right influencer is someone who fits into your target customer profile, has influence over their following, and simply will care about your product. If the product is relevant to the influencer’s interests, job, or life – it will get on their radar just by sharing the product with them directly.

Make sure you have a balance between long term and short term influencers. Short term influence consists of a social media post or email inclusion, where the longevity lasts a few hours. Long term influence has searchable components that allow users to be influencers for a longer period of time – things like a blog post and Instagram post (with searchable hashtags).

A few tools that we like to use to find the right influencers:

  • Followerwonk: find Twitter influencers and their websites
  • Webstagram: search hashtags in your niche and find the people who are sharing content around those hashtags
  • Google Alerts: set an alert for your target keyword and discover new blog posts about the topic
  • Fresh Mentions: analyze mentions of your brand, competitors, and keywords.
  • Open Site Explorer: analyze who is already linking to your site, and who is linking to your competitor sites
  • Google Search: type in your keywords and find out who is ranking for your terms

There are hundreds of tools and tactics you can use to find the right influencer. Some are paid, some are free. Start with the free tools first, build up and exhaust your list, and then move on to the sites that charge a monthly fee for influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Radar

How To Get On An Influencer’s Radar

Now that you’ve identified what makes your perfect influencer, and where they are most influential, it’s time to start reaching out.

The most effective way to reach out will always be email. (Email us if you’d like our template.)

But, there are several other ways to get on an influencer’s radar. Here are a few ideas:

Ask the influencer for an interview

Influencer’s have lots of knowledge and like to provide insight to other entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Reach out to an influencer with an interview request for your blog. The interview can either be conducted via email (easy) or be recorded on a podcast/webinar (harder, with more time commitment).

Send a Physical Package

If your product is a physical good, send the influencer a care package. Include a personalized letter, your business card, and if your product is at a price point where you can allow a few influencers to try it, then include your product as well.

At some point an influencer will actually need the product to try out, review, and post to their website/social media/email list. So, why not cut to the chase and avoid the noise with tweets, emails and phone calls to really stand out in your approach?

Tap into ego
Influencers have egos. Tap into that ego by giving an influencer something desirable along with your low effort ask.

Ideas for something desirable consist of things that help the influencer look or feel good. “Something desirable” can range from a t-shirt from their favorite sports team, an offer to interview them about their upcoming book release, or anything that takes the focus off of you and onto them.

Influencer marketing isn’t just a one-way street. There has to be a little give and take with influencers to really make things work.

When all else fails, money always influences the influencers. Of all the influencers out there, I’ve yet to meet many that won’t review or promote your product in exchange for cash or free product. But, I’ve also found a negative coorelation between the amount of influence received from a campaign and the amount of cash involved.

Always go for organic influence using the tactics above, test out your tactics, and see if influencer marketing works for you.

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How Nativa Became #1 In Hispanic Marketing

Hispanic Marketing Agency

The other day I read that if you’re not number #1 in your niche, it’s time to pick something that you can be number one in.

Then, I came across Eric Diaz, the Co Owner of Nativa, a multicultural communications agency that focuses on the Hispanic market through digital communications, online advertising and culturally relevant content creation.

Talk about a niche. I had to learn more and connected with Eric for a Q&A. Here’s the exchange:

What’s the story of how you carved out the Hispanic marketing niche with Nativa?

In 2008 my business partner and I started a web design company, but we quickly found out there were about a million other web design companies. As we wrapped our heads around that, we saw an opportunity that was in Hispanic Digital marketing, there was a great demand for it specifically in social media. At that time there were a lot of good marketing agencies; however, they didn’t do Hispanic marketing. There were also a lot of good Hispanic agencies, but they were traditional (radio and TV) and did not focus on digital. This is where my business partner and I found our niche in doing digital Hispanic.

When you first planted the flag with your niche, was it something people immediately gravitated to? Or did it take a bit of explaining?

It definitely took explaining, over time we really simplified it. The easiest way to explain what we do is that we help brands and the government reach the Hispanic consumer online.

What’s the biggest pain point that you’re solving for clients?

Doing research on the Hispanic consumer is perhaps the biggest pain point as it requires hours upon hours, sometimes taking months to fully complete for our clients. We focus on research because we really want to get our eyes and ears out there for our clients to set a solid strategy. We dig deep into their industry to fully find out what their Hispanic consumers are thinking, doing, or saying about their category, their competitors, and their own brand and campaigns. That research provides our clients with detailed information that helps set up and create a successful campaign.

You’ve got a great client list with some big names. What has been the key to attracting new business?

It’s been about leveraging our networks, traveling to conferences and just being thoughtleaders. Presenting, putting out solid content and research, and trail blazing with our cutting edge Hispanic online listening research tools. We also shoot high, we don’t really go for the mom and pop’s type of business, we look more towards brands and government. Companies and brands that people have heard of. Having our focus there and being where high level executives from these companies are, networking, traveling, speaking, LinkedIn, and being relevant, has helped us attract new business.

What’s one piece of advice that you would give yourself if you were just starting out Nativa today?

If I was starting from the beginning, I would say to focus and put more emphasis on sales people.

Eric Diaz Nativa PhoenixIn addition to Nativa, Eric Diaz also founded Coworking on 15th Ave in central Phoenix (named one of the top shared office spaces in Phoenix). Tired of renting from lackluster office buildings, Eric decided to create the type of environment he would want to work in which allows an entrepreneur to work hard, collaborate with others, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Eric has worn many hats throughout his professional career. He spent parts of 2007 and 2008 in Shanghai, China’s economic capital, serving an important supply chain development role for Staples, Inc., a Fortune 500 retailer constructing a modern and efficient warehouse to help support the exponential company growth in the region. Additionally, as part of his Masters program Eric designed and executed a research study on the cultural influences and business activities within the Shanghai region contributing to its hyper-economic growth.

Eric completed his Masters Degree in Finance at Northeastern University in Boston while founding and becoming president of the Latin American MBA Association (LAMBAA). He completed his undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University and has a passion for helping people. Several of his interests include boxing, marathon running, basketball, world travel, and meeting new people. His dream is to run his own successful coworking environment.

Social Media Marketing on Instagram: 4 Apparel Companies doing it well

Social media marketing with Instagram can be difficult unless you have the right strategies.

The content on Instagram is almost entirely limited to pictures, there’s no private messaging or chat service, and a high number of mobile users makes it difficult to direct people to a website. For apparel companies, driving traffic back to an online store or getting people to call in an order is critical to selling product. Despite these difficulties, some apparel companies are doing a great job reaching out to old and new customers on the site.

Junky Trunk | Social Media Marketing on Instagram

1. Junky Trunk Boutique

With over 21,000 followers, Junky Trunk Boutique in Gilbert, Arizona has carved out a unique place for itself on the picture sharing website. The women’s clothing boutique frequently posts pictures of its products, but it’s the daily sales and weekly free-to-enter giveaways that make the company’s marketing strategy such a success.
In order to enter a giveaway, Instagram users must screenshot the picture advertising the giveaway, post it to their own profile, and tag @JunkyTrunk. This is any easy process for the user, making people more likely to enter. However, by having its followers share their product, Junky Trunk increases brand awareness and entices more users to enter the giveaway.

Bonbobos | Social Media Marketing on Instagram

2. Bonobos

Bonobos succeeds on Instagram by encouraging engagemenet The brand asked its Instagram followers to take pictures of themselves wearing Bonobos clothing and tag the company in the photo for a chance to be featured in their new store on Crosby Street in New York City. Not to mention, the eye-catching photography featured on Bonobos’ profile is genuinely good. The biggest secret to getting people to “like,” comment on, or share photos is to post photos that are likeable. Take interesting pictures, tag them appropriately, and followers will appreciate it.

Macy's | Social Media Marketing on Instagram

3. Macy’s

Because Macy’s is a large corporation, the content on their Instagram differs from that of small apparel companies. Macy’s Instagram account features behind-the-scenes looks at photo shoots and events like Macy’s Fireworks and the Macy’s Day Parade.
Because these events are so large and well known, getting an exclusive look behind-the-scenes through Instagram is appealing to many customers. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage is a good way to attract followers, but Macy’s doesn’t stop there. The photos they post on Instagram are still attractive from a photography standpoint – even the pictures that are not taken at huge corporate events. People like looking at good pictures and seeing the smaller side of large companies, which is why Macy’s Instagram is such a success.

Sportiqe | Social Media Marketing on Instagram

4. Sportiqe

The apparel company makes an effort to post pictures of their product that is relevant to current events – for example, this collage of their EA Sports collection they posted during E3 video gaming expo. By making a connection between current events and their apparel, Sportiqe shows their current followers a product they may not have seen before and reaches out to others who may be interested in what Sportiqe offers. This type of social media marketing can be done on sites other than Instagram as well. However, because appearance is such a big part of any apparel company, using a picture-based network like Instagram is highly effective.

If you want to learn more about social media marketing through Instagram or other social networking sites, contact Markitors. Or, like Markitors on Facebook.

5 Examples of Cause Marketing in Social Media

Many large companies are using social media for their cause marketing efforts in a particularly effective way.

Marketing isn’t always about promoting a brand – sometimes, marketing promotes a cause. Like with all types of marketing, social media is a valuable tool to increase awareness and engage people, but there are good and bad ways to use social media for cause marketing. These companies and charities are doing a good job using social media for cause marketing.

1. Chase Community Giving

Social media cause marketing

The Chase Community Giving project is a great example of cause marketing in social media because it relies solely on interaction. Since 2009, the cause has called on its Facebook fans to vote for their favorite charity or non-profit to receive a donation from Chase bank.

Chase Community Giving

Chase Community Giving also uses current events and holidays to spread the word about related charities – such as Military-related charities for National Military Appreciation Month and the Arbor Day Foundation on Arbor Day.

Chase Community Giving

2. Johnson’s Mother’s Day Campaign

Johnson's Baby Mother's Day Campaign

Johnson’s Baby also timed a social media cause marketing campaign with an upcoming holiday. The company is donating a dollar to Save the Children for every like or share on one of their Mother’s Day cards.

Johnson's Baby Mother's Day card

This technique works well for cause marketing in social media because it encourages people to like and share the organization’s posts for a good cause. Plus, by sharing the posts, Facebook users can also wish a Happy Mother’s Day to their family and friends in a way that is much more meaningful than a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” on someone’s Facebook wall.

3. Kellogg’s “Share Breakfast” Campaign

Share Breakfast - Kellogg's

Kellogg’s set a goal to serve one million breakfasts to children who are in need of food. In order to reach this goal, the company created a Facebook post, a set Tweet using the hashtag #sharebreakfast, and a pin on Pinterest, and promised to feed one child breakfast for every share.

This style of social media cause marketing works well because it goes across multiple social media channels. The donations are not limited to shares and likes – people can Pin, Tweet, and Post as much as they want to contribute to the cause. However, each post still links back to the organization, allowing them to track how many donations they’ve earned.

4. Panera “Food Chain Reaction”

Panera Food Chain Reaction

Panera Bread is partnering with Feeding America to provide soup for the hungry. The campaign encourages uses to invite friends to join “circles” in a Facebook application. For every completed circle of five people, Panera donates one bowl of soup.

The “Food Chain Reaction” relies on Facebook users connecting their friends to the cause and encouraging them to help out, but does so in a way that is far more unique than the typical “Share this post” or “Like this page” strategy. Though Shares and Likes do go a long way, standing out and doing something different on social media is a good way to grab people’s attention.

5. Elizabeth Arden’s “Pin it to Give It” Campaign

Pin it to Give it

The cosmetics line Elizabeth Arden and the Look Good Feel Better campaign teamed up to bring “Pin it to Give It” – a campaign to donate eyeliner to women with cancer through Pinterest.

“Pin it to Give It” is a good social media cause marketing campaign because its target audience aligns with the main demographics of the site it uses – Pinterest users are mostly female, and Look Good Feel Better benefits females. The inspirational message behind the cause is one that many Pinners can understand – sometimes, feeling beautiful on the outside also makes you feel beautiful on the inside.

Pin it to Give it

For more examples of social media cause marketing, contact Markitors.

How To Use Social Media To Help Fund Your Non-Profit

Have you ever asked yourself how you can use social media to help fund your non-profit? This post is for you.

Social Media Fundraising Non ProfitAny type of non-profit can employ these three social networking tips to gain followers and increase donations. The good thing about a non-profit is that it exists solely to benefit others. Your organization has a purpose – your job is to tell the world what you’re doing and make them care.

Nowadays, most companies have their own Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. So how do you get your page to stand out above all the competition, and ultimately use social networking to help fund your non-profit?

Here are three ways you can use social media to help fund your non-profit.

1) Establish a personal connection. People are more willing to give to a non-profit if they feel a personal connection to its work. Social media is a great way to connect with people. Reply to followers who send you tweets or direct messages, and be sure to provide an answer when a follower or a fan asks you a question.

But no relationship works if only one side initiates the conversation. This goes for social media, as well. You have to start conversations, too. Ask your followers questions about your organization or related issues, and encourage responses.

2) Reach out to others. Generating conversation is good, but in order to engage your followers, you have to have followers. To help your organization gain followers, reach out to organizations similar to your own. They are not necessarily your “competition” – they are organizations made up of people who want to help others, just like you. They could share your cause with their followers, which could expose you to more potential fans and donors.

Don’t forget to reach out to people who establish a connection with your cause on their profiles. For example: if your non-profit raises money for schools in impoverished countries, reach out to educators who express an interest in global issues. If they like the work you do, maybe they’ll like your page or donate. If they don’t? Well, they’ll probably just ignore you. No harm done.

3) Share how your organization is changing the world. No one likes to be begged. If all you do on social media is ask your followers for money, you start to look desperate pretty quickly. Instead of looking at social media as just a way to increase donations, look at it as a way to further your cause. Take pictures or post articles that show off what your organization has done – with your donors’ help – to make the world better. Thank donors for helping you do x, y, and z.

The people who follow you already like your work, so you don’t have to sell them on your goal. Instead, show off your accomplishments. If you stress the impact donations have, then donations will come.

Coming soon, we’ll tell you about some organizations that do a great job using some of these social networking techniques.

New Orleans Pelicans Apparel

Today our client Sportiqe introduced New Orleans Pelicans apparel. View Pelicans shirts and the collection below.

Sportiqe partnered with the New Orleans Hornets as they announced the change in team name to the Pelicans. The team will now have a red, blue and gold color scheme instead of the current teal, purple and blue design. Below is some Sportiqe designed New Orleans Pelicans apparel. The collection consists of Pelicans shirts, Pelicans sweatshirts, and New Orleans Pelicans apparel for women.

The team is changing their name because Louisiana is known as the “Pelican State.” The brown pelican is the state bird and it adorns both the state flag and state seal. New Orleans also had a Double A minor league baseball known as the Pelicans for more than 70 years. Owner Tom Benson said “It was very important to me and our staff that we change the name of this club to something that represented New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m pumped up about the Pelicans.”

Without further ado, here is the New Orleans Pelicans apparel by Sportiqe:

New Orleans Pelicans Long Sleeve Shirt Men’s Morpheus By Sportiqe

New Orleans Pelicans Women’s Je T’Aime Shirt by Sportiqe

New Orleans Pelicans Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt Stanton by Sportiqe

New Orleans Pelicans Men’s Tri-Blend Shirt Breck by Sportiqe

New Orleans Pelicans Women’s V Neck Shirt Stroke by Sportiqe

New Orleans Pelicans Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt Court Belgian Waffle Zip by Sportiqe

New Orleans Pelicans Premium Shirt by Sportiqe Apparel

New Orleans Pelicans Women’s La Brea Shirt by Sportiqe Apparel

If you like this New Orleans Pelicans apparel, then you should like Sportiqe on Facebook. You’ll receive 20% off and be exposed to all of our latest and greatest apparel designs. Plus, they’re our client so you would help make us look good.

Faces In The Mirror Tour Schedule And Dates

Boyd Tinsley is taking Faces In The Mirror on a tour across America. Here is the Faces In The Mirror Tour Schedule.

Faces In The Mirror Tour Schedule and DatesFaces In The Mirror Tour Schedule:

* Faces In The Mirror Gathering – Portland, OR

Date: Wednesday, February 6th at 7:00pm
Venue: Backspace
Address: 115 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR
RSVP at:
Price: Free
Live music featuring Rob Stroup and the Blame

* Faces In The Mirror Gathering – San Francisco, CA

Date: Thursday, February 7th at 8:30pm
Venue: The Roxie
Address: 3117 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Tickets available here:
Price: $10
Live music featuring Kelley James and Barry Zito of the San Francisco Giants

* Faces In The Mirror Gathering – Los Angeles, CA

Date: Friday, February 8th at 7:00pm
Venue: W Hotel – Hollywood
Address: 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028
Free event. First come, first serve.
Live music featuring Kelley James and Rashawn Ross of Dave Matthews Band

* Faces In The Mirror Gathering – San Diego, CA

Date: Saturday, February 9th at 6:30pm
Venue: Full Moon Drive In
Address: 1500 Felspar St, San Diego, CA, 92019
Tickets available here:
Price: $10
Live music featuring Get Back Loretta

* Faces In The Mirror Gathering – Denver, CO

Date: Wednesday, February 13th at 7:30pm
Venue: Cervantes Masterpiece
Address: 2637 Welton St., Denver, CO 80205
Live music featuring Euforquestra

* 2/14 – Normal, IL

Date: Thursday, February 14th at 6:30pm
Venue: Capen Auditorium
Address: Edwards Hall on the campus of Illinois State University
Tickets: Tickets are first come, first serve. Please arrive to the theater early to guarantee your admission.

* Faces In The Mirror Gathering – Chicago, IL

Date: Friday, February 15th at 6:30pm
Venue: Rockit Bar & Grill
Address: 22 W. Hubbard, Chicago, IL 60654
Tickets: Tickets are first come, first serve. Please arrive to Rockit early to guarantee your admission.

* 2/16 – Cleveland, OH

Date: Saturday, February 16th at 3:00pm
Venue: Nighttown
Address: 12387 Cedar Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106
Tickets: Tickets are first come, first serve. Please arrive early to guarantee your admission.

* 2/20 – Miami, FL

* 2/21 – Charleston, SC

Date: Thursday, February 21st at 7:30pm
Venue: Charleston Music Hall (Presented by the Charleston International Film Festival)
Address: 37 John St Charleston, SC 29403
Tickets: Tickets are $10:

* 2/22 – Nashville, TN

* 2/24 – New Haven, CT

Date: Friday, February 15th
Venue: Lilly’s Pad
Address: 300 York St., New Haven, CT 06511
Information coming soon.

* 2/25 – Buffalo, NY

Date: Monday, February 25th at 8:00pm
Venue: The Forvm
Address: 4224 Maple Rd., Buffalo, New York 14226
Tickets will be $10.

* 2/28 – Philadelphia, PA

Date: Friday, March 1st
Venue: Lit Ultra Bar
Address: 460 North 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA
21+, fashionable attire preferred.
Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door.

* 3/1 – Boston, MA

Date: Friday, March 1st
Venue: Theatre 1 at The Revere Hotel
Address: 200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116
Live music with Brooks Young Band.
Tickets are $15:

* 3/2 – New York, NY

Note: Boyd Tinsley’s hometown of Charlottesville, VA will have a gathering later on.

The Faces In The Mirror Tour is a community organized, month long tour with screenings of the film and live music featuring Boyd Tinsley. The Faces In The Mirror tour schedule begins on February 6th in Portland, OR and concludes March 2nd in New York City. More than 16 cities are included on the tour. The community that follows Boyd Tinsley and Faces In The Mirror online, collectively known as #Narnia, has helped organize this tour. #Narnia is making venue suggestions, city suggestions and handling the promotion. These gatherings are free, ticketed events that are open to the general public.

Follow the Faces In The Mirror tour by liking the film on Facebook and Twitter. You can also like Boyd Tinsley on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

Email Marketing

We’re an email marketing company in Phoenix that believes in giving people what they want.

Email Marketing Company Phoenix

Our email marketing company leverages social media and Mailchimp to figure out what people want to receive from brands. Our analytical approach includes combing over data and implementing campaigns that deliver you the results you’re looking for.

Markitors email marketing company approach:

Recently an apparel company in Phoenix approached us. They had not sent out an email to their subscribers in over two years. Their goal was to rengage their current subscribers while growing their email list for future sales.

Markitors decided to use a social media giveaway to rengage subscribers while building a new foundation of customers for future marketing campaigns. The apparel company in Phoenix had some t-shirts that were considered “close out items.” We looked as these shirts as a way to give people what they wanted.

To promote these t-shirt collections and build up email subscribers, Markitors gave away a free t-shirt every day for a month. Fans were emailed with the free shirt and were rewarded with incentives for taking beneficial actions. The campaign was carried out both through email and through various social media platforms.

With zero advertising cost, the “free tee” camapign experienced the following:

  • Grew the overall email subscriber list by 33% in one month.
  • Increase of 4x the largest previous monthly increase of Facebook fans
  • Experienced 3x the average of Facebook page impressions
  • Generated more social media referrals to the website in one month than the previous 4 months combined
  • Acquired new email addresses with a pertinent customer information for future campaigns
  • 4x the previous high of Facebook “interactions” – (comments, likes and shares)
  • Validated the change from one email marketing company (iContact) to Mailchimp

By figuring out how to give people what they want, Markitors enabled this apparel company to grow their marketing initiatives via email and social media. If you’re looking for an email marketing company in Phoenix, please contact us.

Social Media Community Management

We believe social media community management works best when you don’t manage anything.

Social Media Community Management Agency

We like to think of our social media community management agency as a way to control chaos. It’s our job first and foremost to get the right people into the community. Then, it’s our job to encourage chaos to happen so that a social media community can market and brand products.

Here’s a story about the Markitors approach to social media community management:

Faces In The Mirror is an independent movie that’s been categorized by Reader’s Digest as “The Movie That Sings.” The movie is a psychedelic drama that’s about a young man who returns home to bury his father. The story is propelled by a soundtrack that features artists like Boyd Tinsley, Dave Matthews Band, Shawn Smith, Maktub, and more.

The Faces In The Mirror social media community consists of music fans, Dave Matthews Band fans, indie movie fanatics, and Narnia. Our social media community management agency decided early on to see what kind of creative ideas could come from this eclectic group of people. We’re glad we took this managerial approach.

The Faces In The Mirror social media community decided to launch it’s own marketing initiative to market the premiere of the movie. Days before the premiere, the community raided Target stores all over the nation to rearrange tissue boxes with letters to spell “Faces In The Mirror.” “Faces Across America” was originally thought of by @jrdmb23. As the social media community management agency, Markitors supported this viral social campaign by sharing our favorite photos to encourage the activity.

Faces Across America - Faces In The Mirror - JRDMB23

Social Media Community Management Agency

Faces In The Mirror - Virginia

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Screen shot 2012-08-27 at 9.43.55 AM

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

As the day progressed, the campaign spread beyond tissue boxes. Community members took to crosswalks, whiteboards, and yes, mirrors to spell out the name of the movie and the premiere date.

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

“Faces Across America” is an example of how powerful a community can be given the right social media community management approach. For more information on how Markitors can develop, manage and cultivate a social media community for your company, please contact us.

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