How To Use Social Media To Help Fund Your Non-Profit

Have you ever asked yourself how you can use social media to help fund your non-profit? This post is for you.

Social Media Fundraising Non ProfitAny type of non-profit can employ these three social networking tips to gain followers and increase donations. The good thing about a non-profit is that it exists solely to benefit others. Your organization has a purpose – your job is to tell the world what you’re doing and make them care.

Nowadays, most companies have their own Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. So how do you get your page to stand out above all the competition, and ultimately use social networking to help fund your non-profit?

Here are three ways you can use social media to help fund your non-profit.

1) Establish a personal connection. People are more willing to give to a non-profit if they feel a personal connection to its work. Social media is a great way to connect with people. Reply to followers who send you tweets or direct messages, and be sure to provide an answer when a follower or a fan asks you a question.

But no relationship works if only one side initiates the conversation. This goes for social media, as well. You have to start conversations, too. Ask your followers questions about your organization or related issues, and encourage responses.

2) Reach out to others. Generating conversation is good, but in order to engage your followers, you have to have followers. To help your organization gain followers, reach out to organizations similar to your own. They are not necessarily your “competition” – they are organizations made up of people who want to help others, just like you. They could share your cause with their followers, which could expose you to more potential fans and donors.

Don’t forget to reach out to people who establish a connection with your cause on their profiles. For example: if your non-profit raises money for schools in impoverished countries, reach out to educators who express an interest in global issues. If they like the work you do, maybe they’ll like your page or donate. If they don’t? Well, they’ll probably just ignore you. No harm done.

3) Share how your organization is changing the world. No one likes to be begged. If all you do on social media is ask your followers for money, you start to look desperate pretty quickly. Instead of looking at social media as just a way to increase donations, look at it as a way to further your cause. Take pictures or post articles that show off what your organization has done – with your donors’ help – to make the world better. Thank donors for helping you do x, y, and z.

The people who follow you already like your work, so you don’t have to sell them on your goal. Instead, show off your accomplishments. If you stress the impact donations have, then donations will come.

Coming soon, we’ll tell you about some organizations that do a great job using some of these social networking techniques.

Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

How do you develop a nonprofit social media strategy to raise money through donations?

Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Markitors approach to developing a nonprofit social media strategy:

The OM Foundation set off to raise $1 million to help children with disabilities live a life without limits. OM’s founder, Bonner Paddock had successfully raised funds in 2008 when he became the first to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with cerebral palsy. Now, he was setting out to become the first person to complete IRONMAN Kona with cerebral palsy in order to raise funds for the foundation. He needed a nonprofit social media strategy to help him cross the finish line.

Markitors was tasked with maximizing the exposure Bonner’s quest would receive online so that OM’s $1 million goal would be met. Markitors created the nonprofit social media strategy and executed the strategy to allow Bonner to train for this historic attempt.

The goal of the strategy was to show fans that they could live a life without limits. To drive home this message, posts, advertisements and campaigns consisted of the following:

  • Daily updates of Bonner’s training progress with photos documenting the journey
  • Multimedia updates showing how the foundation spends donations.
  • Optimization of donation buttons to make it easy for fans to contribute
  • Advertising campaigns with custom landing pages to raise awareness of Bonner’s attempt

Here were some of the highlights that resulted from the nonprofit social media strategy and Bonner’s completion of IRONMAN Kona:

  • Raised more than $500,000 for the OM Foundation
  • Allowed fans to feel like they were with Bonner as he trained for Ironman
  • Used video content as advertisements to increase Facebook “LIKES”
  • With the OM Foundation receiving $1 for every new Facebook “LIKE,” we doubled Facebook LIKES in 6 months

By creating and executing this nonprofit social media strategy, OM Foundation was able to spread their “Life Without Limits” message in a unique way while raising funds for their foundation. We encourage you to like OM Foundation on Facebook and visit the foundation’s website to contribute to Bonner’s cause.

Markitors is spelled with an “i/o” for input output. We’re an analytical digital marketing agency in Phoenix that blends marketing and auditing to help nonprofits improve their online presence. Contact us for an assessment of your nonprofit social media strategy.

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