Help Us Inspire Online Movements

Markitors is looking to add a creative, witty and clever intern to inspire online movements as a part of our Social Media team. Candidates should have experience with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and some WordPress. This is a part-time internship offering up to 20 hours per week. You’ll mostly work out of coffee shops, co-working spaces, and client offices since we’re a startup in search of the right office space.

Below are some scenarios that you’ll find yourself in at Markitors. Please respond with an example tweet you’d post for each scenario.

1. Photos of Carmen Electra licking an ice cream cone in her underwear, high heels, and our client’s t-shirt.

2. We need to fill a venue in NYC that seats 500 people for a movie premiere.

3. We’re releasing an iPhone app for the Phoenix Light Rail.

4. Celebrity fitness chef wants to market new healthy recipes.

5. Executive search firm wants local job seekers to apply for jobs.

6. Chemical free cleaning supply company wants to market to prego mommies.

65. The number 65.

iPhone App Directories

List of iPhone App Directories

iPhone App DirectoriesA good way to market your iPhone app is to employ a SEO strategy. That way, when people Google terms like “Phoenix Light Rail app,” they’ll discover your iPhone app and go download it. With that said, a big component to any SEO strategy is building links to your website. Here is a list of iPhone app directories that you can submit your website to.

CrunchBase is the free directory of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit.

StumbleUpon helps you explore new and interesting things from every corner of the Web.

Killer Startups
KillerStartups is dedicated to sharing more than just the hottest new startups. They want to share the stories of the PEOPLE behind the successful companies and their advice for other internet entrepreneurs.

Rate My Startup
Founders can share their ideas and get helpful feedback on your startup or website.

Digg delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now.

You’ll have to verify your claim token afterwards with a code like this: RQARSS6N9X3U

Discover the best web and mobile apps for you!

Have you uncovered a web 2.0 gem that is not yet listed on Listio for Web 2.0? Please submit your find emailing submissions (at)

Startup Booster
Just fill out the form below with necessary information about your new venture.

Feed My App
web & mobile apps reviewed

online tools and applications

weblog dedicated to profiling the best web apps & services and tracking new emerging trends in this space.

submit a site or an app

New Startups
requirements for a successful submission include: a) a visually appealing website or product image (as judged by our senior staff) b) an idea that we believe, is suitable for sharing with our readers.

Startup Wizz
Startup evaluation

Get free exposure by submitting your startup for review to Submitting your startup is free of charge.

Hacker News
Technical startup crowd.

If your app is going to be around for awhile…

Tech Bliss Online
Details of any technology product or web start up can be submitted here.

Beta List
Get free exposure to thousands of early adopters by submitting your startup for review.

Make Use Of
features cool websites, computer tips, and downloads that make you more productive.

Americans at Work
Please try to support American Worker’s Jobs by submitting additional products to add to the directory.

Pages Inventory
Webmasters can add own sites to the directory

App Advice
AppAdvice’s mission is to help deserving apps be noticed and downloaded by their readers.

App Store Apps
Gain some exposure for your application.

Get in touch with TUAW for their App Review process.

I Use This App
Submit your app for the opportunity of a review.

The iPhone App Review
Select about 1% of the thousands of requests we get each month for a free review.

Slap App
All reviews at are free. They will review your request, and respond back via email with an update on your status.

App Chatter
Submit your application for review and possibly have it featured on

148 Apps
Send information about your apps and games.

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Movie Trailer Marketing

How do you create a movie trailer marketing strategy to organically market an indie film?

Movie Trailer Marketing

Markitors movie trailer marketing approach:

Faces In The Mirror is an indie film that looked to Markitors to do some movie trailer marketing. With less than a month until the movie premiered, Markitors identified the following objectives to best leverage the trailer:

  • Establish the movie trailer as the “anchor” so other videos from the film could be more easily marketed
  • Optimize the movie trailer for Youtube and Google search terms so fans could immediately engage with the film
  • Strategically distribute and embed the movie trailer on movie and music blogs to reach a larger audience

With these marketing objectives in mind, Markitors gathered more than 25,000 Youtube views for the trailer and got the video to the #1 search spot on Youtube. The film also was one of the most popular Indie films on iTunes for the first two weekends after it’s online release.

Here is the trailer:

From Our Client:

Our goal was to get people to experience this film. The trailer was a crucial element to beginning that experience, which is why it was so important to market the trailer before the premiere. In a month we went from 0 to 20,000 views to quickly get the word out about the film.

Markitors is spelled with an “i/o” for input output. We’re an analytical digital marketing agency in Phoenix that blends marketing and auditing to help B2C companies improve their online presence. Contact us to see how Markitors can help create a movie trailer marketing strategy for your organization.

Employer Branding Strategy

How do you turn three words into an employer branding strategy in the staffing industry?

Employer Branding Strategy

Markitors employer branding strategy approach:

Job Brokers Inc. originally approached Markitors with a dream and a concept. It was our job to take their trademarked tagline – “What’s Your Why?” – and create an employer brand that would be unlike anything else in the staffing industry. To create the blueprint of how this brand would evolve into a leader in the staffing industry, Markitors did the following:

  • Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of ten competitors and their employment brand
  • Researched relevant insights on the staffing industry, job seekers and the target audience
  • Identified opportunities to create a new category in the staffing industry
  • Developed the foundation for the new brand according to the opportunities that existed in the industry
  • Created ownable points of difference to get to the core of the brand

From the above, Markitors did the following for the brand identity:

  • Wrote the brand positioning statement
  • Created the brand name
  • Designed the logo, business cards, letterhead and powerpoint slides
  • Designed the website and social media assets

From Our Client:

Markitors gives you the best bang for your buck without having to go to one of the bigger agencies in town.

Markitors is spelled with an “i/o” for input output. We’re an analytical digital marketing agency in Phoenix that blends marketing and auditing to help B2C companies improve their online presence. Contact us to see how Markitors can help create an employer branding strategy for your organization.

MiLB Apps – iPhone Apps For Baseball Teams

Fans want an MiLB app for their favorite minor league baseball team. We gave them something for their iPhone and Android.

MiLB app - iPhone apps for minor league baseball teams

Markitors approach to giving fans an MiLB app for their favorite minor league baseball team:

As sports marketers and baseball fans, Markitors decided to create an iPhone app that engaged minor league baseball fans. The MiLB app would have easily accessible features that fans would love. Our list of features included the following:

  • Schedule and Results
  • Current Roster
  • Purchase Tickets
  • Follow the team on Facebook and Twitter
  • Stadium Seating Chart
  • Map Directions to the ballpark
  • Current Weather Forecast
  • Team News
  • Complete Player Stats
  • Standings
  • Team Website

In addition to these features, Markitors also developed a feature for fans called “Photo Op,” which allowed fans to insert team props – from a foam finger to the mascot – into their photos and allowed them to share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email. This feature came from another baseball iPhone app we developed called Humm Baby.

Here are some screenshots from the iPhone apps we developed for minor league baseball teams:

Jackson General iPhone App

Anthony Rizzo - Tucson Padres

Photo Op - MiLB app - Markitors

Google Maps - MiLB app

MiLB app - Harrisburg Senators - iPhone App

Fans can download the MiLB app for their favorite team in the iTunes store. These iPhone apps are FREE for fans. Teams have the ability to brand the apps for additional sponsorship revenue, or incorporate features that produce revenue.

Please contact us to learn about how Markitors can develop an iPhone app for your company.

Markitors is spelled with an “i/o” for input output. We’re an analytical digital marketing agency in Phoenix that blends marketing and auditing to help B2C companies improve their online presence. Contact us to see how Markitors can help create an iPhone app for your organization.

Social Media Campaign Strategy

How do you develop a social media campaign strategy for a green marketing initiative?

Social Media Campaign Strategy

Markitors approach to developing a social media campaign strategy:

The goal of the Million Mile Mission is to build a future that sucks less (gas). As gas prices approached $5 per gallon, the Million Mile Mission felt that there’s never been a better time to “go fuel free.” Whether’s it’s riding a bike to work, going for a run or driving an electric vehicle, the campaign challenged people to log a million fuel free miles.

Markitors created the social media campaign strategy behind the “Million Mile Mission.” The annual challenge focused on recreational athletes and electric car enthusiasts. The challenage also included a cross country bike ride to kick off the campaign.

Here’s a few of the highlights from the social media campaign strategy from the 60 day, cross country bike ride that kicked off the Million Mile Mission:

  • Photos and multimedia content of sponsor products at US landmarks
  • Co-branded logo placement on online and offline tour assets
  • Strategic tour stops that are conducive to social media exposure
  • One unique social media campaign strategy

Here are some photos that describe the marketing language and target market of the Million Mile Mission:

Social Media Campaign Strategy - Markitors

Cyclists and bike enthusiasts were encouraged to ride their bike and register their miles on the Million Mile Mission website. Cyclists who registered a certain amount of miles were rewarded with real and virtual prizes. This gamification element to the campaign added extra fuel to participant’s motivations.

Social Media Campaign Strategy - Bikers

Partnerships were established with green vehicle companies that would enable the cross country campaign to take place. This included an electric car company and a company that install vehicle charging stations.

Social Media Campaign Strategy - Electric Car

Although the wheels haven’t started turning yet for the Million Mile Mission, you can learn more at

Social Media Lab

We designed an interactive social media lab for for 15,000 conference attendees.

Social Media Lab

Markitors approach:

The SHRM Annual Conference had run smoothly and attracted top notch speakers for 63 years. But this year, SHRM introduced an attendee experience that’s never seen before: a Social Media Lab.

Markitors was hired as an interactive design company to collaborate on the social media lab. Our interactive experiences in the lab increased attendee engagement, generated activity through online social channels and added a wow factor for attendees.

Markitors provided creative theme and attendee experience consultation in the following areas:

  • Structure
  • Production Timeline
  • Staffing Plan, including paperwork with release forms, guidelines and speaker submissions
  • Social Media Display During Event
  • Sponsorship Activation

Here is what some attendees tweeted about the lab at the SHRM Annual Conference:

Smart Bar

The lab included three “Smart Bars” that were staffed with social media consultants. These consultants were social media experts within the Human Resources industry. At any time during the conference, attendees could walk into the lab and get one on one advice. Each Smart Bar featured iPads that allowed attendees to display their company’s social media presence with the expert. This real-time, interactive advice was extremely valuable to attendees.


Sponsorship activations was one of the main components of our consultation. We identified areas throughout the lab where brands would receive sponsorship benefits. These sponsor elements consisted of charging stations, lounge areas, speaking stage, Smart Bars, and more.

Annual SHRM Conference HIVE

An interactive media wall displayed tweets with the conference hashtags. This interactive wall encouraged attendees to tweet at the lab.

Social Media Lab - SHRM HIVE

All the social media experts in the lab were NOT vendors. They were independently selected so that attendees would receive non-biased advice.

64th Annual SHRM HIVE

The Social Media Lab was even covered by NBC!

Social Media Lab - SHRM HIVE

Please contact us to learn about how a social media lab can be beneficial to your conference attendees.

Email Marketing

We’re an email marketing company in Phoenix that believes in giving people what they want.

Email Marketing Company Phoenix

Our email marketing company leverages social media and Mailchimp to figure out what people want to receive from brands. Our analytical approach includes combing over data and implementing campaigns that deliver you the results you’re looking for.

Markitors email marketing company approach:

Recently an apparel company in Phoenix approached us. They had not sent out an email to their subscribers in over two years. Their goal was to rengage their current subscribers while growing their email list for future sales.

Markitors decided to use a social media giveaway to rengage subscribers while building a new foundation of customers for future marketing campaigns. The apparel company in Phoenix had some t-shirts that were considered “close out items.” We looked as these shirts as a way to give people what they wanted.

To promote these t-shirt collections and build up email subscribers, Markitors gave away a free t-shirt every day for a month. Fans were emailed with the free shirt and were rewarded with incentives for taking beneficial actions. The campaign was carried out both through email and through various social media platforms.

With zero advertising cost, the “free tee” camapign experienced the following:

  • Grew the overall email subscriber list by 33% in one month.
  • Increase of 4x the largest previous monthly increase of Facebook fans
  • Experienced 3x the average of Facebook page impressions
  • Generated more social media referrals to the website in one month than the previous 4 months combined
  • Acquired new email addresses with a pertinent customer information for future campaigns
  • 4x the previous high of Facebook “interactions” – (comments, likes and shares)
  • Validated the change from one email marketing company (iContact) to Mailchimp

By figuring out how to give people what they want, Markitors enabled this apparel company to grow their marketing initiatives via email and social media. If you’re looking for an email marketing company in Phoenix, please contact us.

Social Media Community Management

We believe social media community management works best when you don’t manage anything.

Social Media Community Management Agency

We like to think of our social media community management agency as a way to control chaos. It’s our job first and foremost to get the right people into the community. Then, it’s our job to encourage chaos to happen so that a social media community can market and brand products.

Here’s a story about the Markitors approach to social media community management:

Faces In The Mirror is an independent movie that’s been categorized by Reader’s Digest as “The Movie That Sings.” The movie is a psychedelic drama that’s about a young man who returns home to bury his father. The story is propelled by a soundtrack that features artists like Boyd Tinsley, Dave Matthews Band, Shawn Smith, Maktub, and more.

The Faces In The Mirror social media community consists of music fans, Dave Matthews Band fans, indie movie fanatics, and Narnia. Our social media community management agency decided early on to see what kind of creative ideas could come from this eclectic group of people. We’re glad we took this managerial approach.

The Faces In The Mirror social media community decided to launch it’s own marketing initiative to market the premiere of the movie. Days before the premiere, the community raided Target stores all over the nation to rearrange tissue boxes with letters to spell “Faces In The Mirror.” “Faces Across America” was originally thought of by @jrdmb23. As the social media community management agency, Markitors supported this viral social campaign by sharing our favorite photos to encourage the activity.

Faces Across America - Faces In The Mirror - JRDMB23

Social Media Community Management Agency

Faces In The Mirror - Virginia

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Screen shot 2012-08-27 at 9.43.55 AM

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

As the day progressed, the campaign spread beyond tissue boxes. Community members took to crosswalks, whiteboards, and yes, mirrors to spell out the name of the movie and the premiere date.

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

Social Media Community Management Agency - Phoenix, AZ - Markitors

“Faces Across America” is an example of how powerful a community can be given the right social media community management approach. For more information on how Markitors can develop, manage and cultivate a social media community for your company, please contact us.

Social Media Giveaway

How do you use a social media giveaway as a part of an online indie movie marketing strategy?

Social Media Giveaway

Markitors social media giveaway approach:

Faces In The Mirror is a film that naturally lends itself to a social media giveaway. With the national movie premiere taking place in late August, Markitors launched a social media giveaway that encouraged fans to submit a photo of their “face in the mirror” for a chance to win tickets to the premiere with Boyd Tinsley from the Dave Matthews Band.

An independent panel of judges selected ten finalists from thousands of photo submissions. The Faces In The Mirror Facebook community then voted for the winning photo. The photo with the most likes and unique comments would send the finalist and friend to Seattle for the premiere. The winner would also go to the Gorge for a three day Dave Matthews Band show. The runner ups would receive a Faces In The Mirror movie poster signed by members of the Dave Matthews Band.

The Faces In The Mirror social media giveaway resulted in the following:

  • One social interaction (a comment, like, or share) every 10 seconds during the final day of the contest
  • Photos received more than 500,000 organic impressions on social media sites like Facebook
  • Organically increased Facebook “LIKES” by 50% over the course of the campaign
  • Increased brand recall of Faces In The Mirror
  • Successfully launched an online premiere with Faces In The Mirror entrants in late August

Here are the ten photos from the social media giveaway that were selected as finalists. The first one was the winner.

Social Media Giveaway - Winning Entry

Social Media Giveaway - Online Movie Marketing

Social Media Giveaway - Markitors

Social Media Giveaway

Social Media Giveaway

Social Media Giveaway

Social Media Giveaway

Social Media Giveaway

Social Media Giveaway

Social Media Giveaway

For a look at all the faces in the mirror entries, visit the Faces In The Mirror Facebook page. For social media giveaway ideas for your company, please contact us.

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