Find My Train – Phoenix Light Rail iPhone App

Markitors is part of the Find My Train team. Here’s an email blast we sent out describing the Find My Train story. The app is coming out soon, so be sure to sign up.

A little over a month ago, Adam Mann decided last minute to attend Startup Weekend Phoenix. As he heard people pitch ideas for the next great iPhone app, Adam was reminded of an idea himself: he hated waiting for the Light Rail. Even worse, barely missing the Light Rail.

While he didn’t intend to pitch an idea that night, Adam did. Of the 51 ideas pitched, Adam’s idea was voted to the top 10. A team formulated around Find My Train. The team worked from Friday night to Sunday evening on a prototype. When it was time to present the prototype to a panel of venture capitalists and a capacity crowd, Adam took a couple swigs of vodka to calm the nerves. Adam asked if he could present first. Of the 12 teams that presented, Find My Train took 2nd place. The team was given awesomely-tacky trophies and was showered with $15,000 worth of prizes. In the course of a weekend, Find My Train was born.

Since that weekend, the Find My Train team has been busy building you an iPhone app (with Android soon after) that tells you when your train is coming with only one tap of the screen. The team has been going through ASU’s Rapid Startup School to make sure they stay on the right track. And, the app that is going to improve your Light Rail riding experience is pretty close to being released.

When the app is released, you’ll be the first to know. In the meantime, we just wanted to thank you for getting on board with the idea. It’s you who we’re building this app for.

All aboard,
Adam, Al, Brett and Michael (aka the Find My Train team)

PS – if you know other Light Rail riders who hate waiting for or missing the train, we’d appreciate you telling them about Find My Train:

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