Google AdWords First Page Bid Adjustments: How To

November 17, 2017
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November 17, 2017 Brett Farmiloe

In this tutorial, we will check our keywords to make sure they’re running and don’t need AdWords First Page Bid Adjustments.

How To Check Keywords For First Page Bid Adjustments

Here’s how to check your keywords for Google AdWords First Page Bid Adjustments.

1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
2. Go to Campaigns
3. Select your Campaign
4. Click Keywords.
5. Organize Keywords by clicking on Status.
6. Identify which keywords need First Page Bid Adjustments
7. In the “Max. CPC” column of the table, click the bid you want to change. Change the max bid to $0.20 higher than the suggested bid.
8. Enter a new bid amount.
9. Click Save.

Google AdWords First Page Bid Adjustments

Markitors uses manual CPC bidding, which means we manage our max CPC bids ourselves. Make AdWords First Page Bid Adjustments weekly to ensure that your target keywords make impressions and generate clicks from targeted traffic.

AdWords First Page Bid Adjustments

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Brett Farmiloe

Brett Farmiloe

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