Employment Branding Strategy

January 29, 2013
January 29, 2013 Markitors

Half of the American workforce dislikes what they do for a living. What’s an employment branding strategy that addresses this statistic?

Employment Branding Strategy

Markitors employment branding strategy approach:

To get the attention of the 75 million Americans who hate their job, we had to do something different. Something BIG. And when you think BIG, what do you think of?

Well, we thought of an RV. Then we thought we’d take this RV around America to interview people who enjoyed what they did for a living. 16,000 miles, 38 states and more than 300 interviews later, we created the Pursue the Passion brand.

Pursue the Passion accomplished the following:

  • More than 300 interviews with people who are passionate about their work
  • 50+ national and local press appearances
  • 100+ keynote speeches from Alaska to Miami Beach
  • The creation of an online career education resource in www.pursuethepassion.com
  • Best selling book on Amazon

Here’s a PPT describing our Pursue The Passion journey in more detail:

Markitors is spelled with an “i/o” for input output. We’re an analytical digital marketing agency in Phoenix that blends marketing and auditing to help B2C companies improve their online presence. Contact us to see how Markitors can help create a recruitment social media strategy for your organization.

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