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January 28, 2013
January 28, 2013 Markitors

Fans want an MiLB app for their favorite minor league baseball team. We gave them something for their iPhone and Android.

MiLB app - iPhone apps for minor league baseball teams

Markitors approach to giving fans an MiLB app for their favorite minor league baseball team:

As sports marketers and baseball fans, Markitors decided to create an iPhone app that engaged minor league baseball fans. The MiLB app would have easily accessible features that fans would love. Our list of features included the following:

  • Schedule and Results
  • Current Roster
  • Purchase Tickets
  • Follow the team on Facebook and Twitter
  • Stadium Seating Chart
  • Map Directions to the ballpark
  • Current Weather Forecast
  • Team News
  • Complete Player Stats
  • Standings
  • Team Website

In addition to these features, Markitors also developed a feature for fans called “Photo Op,” which allowed fans to insert team props – from a foam finger to the mascot – into their photos and allowed them to share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email. This feature came from another baseball iPhone app we developed called Humm Baby.

Here are some screenshots from the iPhone apps we developed for minor league baseball teams:

Jackson General iPhone App

Anthony Rizzo - Tucson Padres

Photo Op - MiLB app - Markitors

Google Maps - MiLB app

MiLB app - Harrisburg Senators - iPhone App

Fans can download the MiLB app for their favorite team in the iTunes store. These iPhone apps are FREE for fans. Teams have the ability to brand the apps for additional sponsorship revenue, or incorporate features that produce revenue.

Please contact us to learn about how Markitors can develop an iPhone app for your company.

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