Movie Trailer Marketing

January 31, 2013
January 31, 2013 Markitors

How do you create a movie trailer marketing strategy to organically market an indie film?

Movie Trailer Marketing

Markitors movie trailer marketing approach:

Faces In The Mirror is an indie film that looked to Markitors to do some movie trailer marketing. With less than a month until the movie premiered, Markitors identified the following objectives to best leverage the trailer:

  • Establish the movie trailer as the “anchor” so other videos from the film could be more easily marketed
  • Optimize the movie trailer for Youtube and Google search terms so fans could immediately engage with the film
  • Strategically distribute and embed the movie trailer on movie and music blogs to reach a larger audience

With these marketing objectives in mind, Markitors gathered more than 25,000 Youtube views for the trailer and got the video to the #1 search spot on Youtube. The film also was one of the most popular Indie films on iTunes for the first two weekends after it’s online release.

Here is the trailer:

From Our Client:

Our goal was to get people to experience this film. The trailer was a crucial element to beginning that experience, which is why it was so important to market the trailer before the premiere. In a month we went from 0 to 20,000 views to quickly get the word out about the film.

Markitors is spelled with an “i/o” for input output. We’re an analytical digital marketing agency in Phoenix that blends marketing and auditing to help B2C companies improve their online presence. Contact us to see how Markitors can help create a movie trailer marketing strategy for your organization.

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