Streamlining Flexible Packaging: An Interview with Leo Lee, Co-Founder of Sinoway Pouch Station

May 24, 2017
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May 24, 2017 Markitors

We recently interviewed the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Sinoway Pouch Station, Leo Lee.

Leo Lee, Sinoway Pouch StationHow did the idea to start Sinoway come about?

After working in the flexible packaging industry for a couple of years, assisting in my family-owned factory, I found out that many wholesalers in the states are actually importing pouches from Chinese suppliers – mainly trading companies – and then reselling it to end users. Another fact is that Chinese trading companies are purchasing from local factories, whose main target is the domestic market due to the language barrier. So I came up with the idea of starting Sinoway to bring pouches from the factory directly to end users. And with the assistance from our own factory, we are able to offer small quantity services and better lead time which often troubles start-ups when they are forced to order 10,000 pieces minimum and wait 8-10 weeks.

Why flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is sustainable and can be easily applied to many industries when it comes to packaging their products. Gradually, more and more customers are using pouches to replace their current boxes or bottles to save more room during transportation and storage. So this has become a cost-effective option for many businesses. Having witnessed the huge market demand and kept in mind our competitive advantages we are confident that our products and services can truly benefit end users. That’s why we stuck to this industry and try our best to be innovative.

What makes your job worth it? What gets you excited to go to work every day?

Every time our customers receive the final pouches and praise us for having the best pricing and quality, I feel that what we are doing is really worth it. That is something that really drives us to constantly focus on our job and improve to be better. I am so proud every time I walk into a supermarket and see the pouches we made standing up on shelves. That makes me feel excited to go to work every day.

What are the challenges of working in flexible packaging?

The main challenge working in flexible packaging probably would be the fierce competition from all types of suppliers. Many of them are surviving by constantly lowering the price, but with cheaper quality. Some of them are offering the best quality but at the highest price. So we are always trying to find the breakpoint that offers customers the best quality products with moderate pricing. Another challenge for us right now is how to expand our business by letting end users know more about our products, services and competitive advantages. We want them to know they can really benefit a lot when they decide to work with us.

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