Movie Trailer Marketing

How do you create a movie trailer marketing strategy to organically market an indie film? Markitors movie trailer marketing approach: Faces In The Mirror is an indie film that looked to Markitors to do some movie trailer marketing. With less … Read More

Employer Branding Strategy

How do you turn three words into an employer branding strategy in the staffing industry? Markitors employer branding strategy approach: Job Brokers Inc. originally approached Markitors with a dream and a concept. It was our job to take their trademarked … Read More

MiLB Apps – iPhone Apps For Baseball Teams

Fans want an MiLB app for their favorite minor league baseball team. We gave them something for their iPhone and Android. Markitors approach to giving fans an MiLB app for their favorite minor league baseball team: As sports marketers and … Read More

Social Media Campaign Strategy

How do you develop a social media campaign strategy for a green marketing initiative? Markitors approach to developing a social media campaign strategy: The goal of the Million Mile Mission is to build a future that sucks less (gas). As … Read More

Humm Baby iPhone App

We wanted a San Francisco Giants iPhone app that allowed us to take a pic with the World Series trophy. That’s why we developed Humm Baby for SF Giants fans. Markitors approach to developing a San Francisco Giants iPhone app: … Read More

Social Media Lab

We designed an interactive social media lab for for 15,000 conference attendees. Markitors approach: The SHRM Annual Conference had run smoothly and attracted top notch speakers for 63 years. But this year, SHRM introduced an attendee experience that’s never seen … Read More

Email Marketing

We’re an email marketing company in Phoenix that believes in giving people what they want. Our email marketing company leverages social media and Mailchimp to figure out what people want to receive from brands. Our analytical approach includes combing over … Read More

Non Profit Social Media Strategy | Vet Tix

This past weekend we had the pleasure of working on a non profit social media strategy for Vet Tix, a non profit that gives FREE tickets to all veterans and members of their families. If you’ve heard of Startup Weekend, … Read More

Social Media Community Management

We believe social media community management works best when you don’t manage anything. We like to think of our social media community management agency as a way to control chaos. It’s our job first and foremost to get the right … Read More

Social Media Giveaway

How do you use a social media giveaway as a part of an online indie movie marketing strategy? Markitors social media giveaway approach: Faces In The Mirror is a film that naturally lends itself to a social media giveaway. With … Read More