Social Media Strategy For Franchises | Sports Nutrition

How do you create a social media strategy for franchises that helps a nutrition focused brand stand out among local businesses?

Social Media Strategy For Franchises

Markitors approach to creating a social media strategy for franchises:

A nutritional company in the sports industry looked to Markitors to conduct a digital audit of all their online marketing assets. From this digital audit, we would then create a social media strategy for franchises that would help this company stand out in each of their 30+ markets.

Markitors identified the following objectives in creating the social media strategy for franchises:

  • Customers will easily be able to find your store, giving you more foot traffic and more sales.
  • Marketing initiatives from corporate will get smarter and stronger, which gives you more time to focus on growing your business.
  • Develop more online visibility for your franchise, your consultants and your store.
  • Customers will become more educated about products that are exclusive on the local level.
  • Brand recall will increase, which converts consumers into repeat customers.
  • Increase the investment of your franchise over time.
  • Identify what customers want online to drive more online and offline traffic to physical stores.
  • Grow the community of active social media followers to increase repeat purchases.

With these marketing objectives in mind, Markitors analyzed all of the company’s online assets and conducted an extensive online audit of the top competitors in the sports nutrition industry. In the final deliverables, Markitors outlined a social media strategy for franchises that would save the company more than $200,000 annually while growing their business through new and existing marketing channels.

From Our Client:

The pleasure has been ours in working with you. You’ve definitely made us feel better about our digital strategy and we’re all looking forward to looking better next!

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Movie Marketing Strategy | Faces In The Mirror

How do you create a movie marketing strategy to bring a modern day silent film to life on social media?

Movie Marketing Strategy

Markitors movie marketing strategy approach:

Faces In The Mirror is a film that, in the words of Reader’s Digest, “sings.” Markitors was tasked with developing and managing all the online marketing initiatives for the film, starting two months before it’s release.

Markitors quickly had to get to the core of what would move people to become interested in the film. In order to develop a movie marketing strategy and subsequently manage our strategy, we did the following:

  • Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of similar movies (Moonrise Kingdom and The Artist) and their social media marketing strategies
  • Developed the online voice for a silent film (Feel something that’s really real)
  • Determined what the movie was really selling (Emotion)
  • Created a weekly content schedule with ten creative ideas that reflect Faces In The Mirror’s digital strategy (Including bringing the main character to life on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.)
  • Initiated a digital advertising strategy that would support the digital marketing strategy (Ran Facebook ads in multiple markets to promote one night screenings.)

Once Markitors assumed responsibilities for executing the movie marketing strategy, Faces In The Mirror accomplished the following:

From Our Client:

I don’t know where to begin to thank Markitors. They’re brilliant and have been a crucial element to this effort of bringing Faces In The Mirror to market.

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