• SEO Audit & Website Review

    Aggregate the top SEO audit tools into one, easy to read report.

SEO Audit & Website Review Features

Markitors aggregates 70+ of the top SEO audit and website review tools in one place for a comprehensive SEO audit. Here’s what you can expect.

Aggregated SEO Audit Tools

Markitors aggregates results from the top SEO auditing tools into one concise SEO site audit.

Prioritized Action Items

Markitors organizes your action items into high, medium and low priorities so you know where to focus first.

Organized Presentation

The end deliverables of an audit are a PDF report, supporting statistical documents and a GoToMeeting presentation to answer your questions.

Quick Turnaround

From the time we get access to your account, you can expect the SEO audit and website review to be complete within 1-2 weeks.

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SEO Audit Checklist

Components of our SEO audit and website review.


How your site is read by search engines.


How your site is read by search engines.

Site Architecture

Technical analysis of your website setup.

User Experience

Evaluation of your website design and user behaviors.

Keyword Analysis

How you and your competition appears in organic search rankings.

Link Analysis

External and internal link evaluation.

Mobile Optimization

How your website appears on mobile devices.

On Page Optimization

Factors that influence search rankings.

Content Evaluation

What your content is doing to help you drive business.

Social Media

How social media is complementing your search efforts.

70+ SEO Tools & Programs Analyzed In Your Audit

Markitors will blow you away with their SEO audit; easy to understand information with a thorough analysis of your website.
Brian Mohr Managing Partner, Y Scouts
Markitors puts a lot of thought and work into making your site SEO friendly. I'm excited to see how our audit helps our online marketing strategy take shape.
Domino Gourley Marketing , Pacific Warbirds
It's great to go to Markitors for a comprehensive SEO audit instead of going to several places for the same information.
Zach Hubbell General Manager, Recruiting.com

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