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Why we offer SEO services to Denver small businesses.

An Internet Marketing Company Specializing in Denver SEO Services

Markitors has been helping grow small businesses’ SEO since 2012. We provide sustainable, long-term results for our clients using white-hat SEO tactics and quality partnerships. We are an Arizona-based SEO company but have strong connections across the United States and a genuine interest in seeing local businesses from diverse industries succeed, including those headquartered in Denver, CO.

Markitors is the SEO solution for small businesses located in Denver, Boulder, Aurora, Longmont, and other locations in Colorado. We take great pride in helping our Denver SEO clients achieve their business goals through increased organic search traffic and brand recognition.


Learn how to increase the visibility of your website in the city of Denver, the state of Colorado, and beyond. Our free SEO audit tool aggregates over 70 of the top SEO audit tools to provide you with an analysis of your website’s search engine optimization. These critical components measured are crucial to your business’ organic search results.


Markitors is a small business itself, so we have insight into local SEO that other SEO companies in Denver likely don’t. We build the online presence of our small business clients through high-quality SEO Content, Digital PR, Technical SEO, and more.

We’ve worked with companies from Australia to Greece, but partnering with Markitors for Denver SEO comes with numerous unique benefits for both sides.


We know your market.


We understand your local challenges.


We know how to grow from a local to national and even global business.


We genuinely want to see our local small businesses succeed.


We know Denver SEO inside and out.

No matter if your business depends on foot traffic from the greater Denver area or online traffic from across the globe, we have experience in tailoring personalized SEO strategies. Our unique approach to local SEO strategy sets us apart from other SEO firms. We want to work with you to enhance your online presence, boost organic search traffic, and drive conversions on your website.



Learn about how this long-term, sustainable solution works.


So what is SEO? SEO is short for search engine optimization which is the process of helping your business’ website rank high in search results. This is a form of inbound marketing that can sometimes take months to see results. However, when done properly, SEO drives maintainable, long-term results with very minimal upkeep. SEO allows you to focus your website on being an effective resource for both users and search engines.

Why do we focus on SEO only? Other digital marketing companies offer a range of services including paid advertising and email marketing campaigns. We don’t invest much effort in paid ads or email campaigns because we believe search engine optimization is a much more powerful tool that scales long-term. Our specialized approach allows us to align our internet marketing departments to dive into all aspects of our Denver SEO services.

Keyword Research

Target queries that both best describe your business and match with what customers are searching for to gain search engine visibility in Denver.

Keyword research is essential to a successful SEO strategy. Keyword research and competitive analysis give insight into what users are searching for online. Sometimes businesses don’t realize the importance of keyword research and how much of a difference it can make for their websites.

For example, keyword research is all about matching a user’s search intent to get them to your website. So, let’s say you are a pet retailer in Denver. You have been using “Denver pet retailer” in your online branding. After doing some keyword research, you find out that there is a much higher search volume for “Denver pet store.” With this information, you can tailor your website and SEO content to target that keyphrase since it has higher traffic potential.

SEO Content

Capture organic search traffic and inform.

After keyword research is completed, the next step is on-page SEO to create SEO content that drives traffic to your business. Markitors has an in-house team of content specialists who craft high-quality SEO content for your target audience following a comprehensive strategy. They provide users with valuable content that is SEO-driven to increase your organic search traffic. 

Our search engine optimization services are designed to help businesses in Denver and beyond get to the first page of Google search results. SEO content is one important part of the puzzle to get you placed higher in search engine rankings! Ultimately, a mix of SEO Content, Digital PR, Technical SEO, and more is needed to achieve that goal.

Digital PR

Boost prominence in your industry and brand recognition.

Our Digital PR services for Denver small businesses are one thing that sets us apart from other SEO agencies that do link building. Our services are uniquely created by Markitors for the organizations in Colorado that we work with and are the first of their kind for any Denver SEO agency.

We combine the benefits of traditional PR with off-page SEO to deliver a product that both boosts brand awareness and increases your website’s domain authority through high-quality and organically placed backlinks. Clients working with Markitors contribute monthly to feature articles and blog posts published through our exclusive network of partners.

Local SEO

Attract local customers from the greater Denver area.

For any business dependent on local foot traffic, local SEO in Denver is vital to any marketing mix. Local SEO increases visibility for local search terms, such as “—– near me” or “—– in Denver,” on Google Maps, Google Search, and other search engines.

Even if word-of-mouth is your strong suit, small businesses simply can’t afford to ignore local SEO. Consider that three out of four customers who conduct a local search visit a store within five miles. 

Additionally, Google searches including the term “near me” have skyrocketed by over 900% in the past few years. Without that added visibility, you may be invisible to potential customers searching online. We make local SEO in Denver simple by taking care of it for you.

Technical SEO

Audit and maintain site speed, mobile usability, and other back-end communication with search engines.

Technical SEO tackles behind-the-scenes issues that are often forgotten. It works to improve communication between your website and search engines so SEO efforts can be brought to fruition through technical fixes and internal linking. Slow page loading times, a weak mobile site, and status code errors are all parts of technical SEO that can present challenges to small businesses. If left unaddressed, these issues can lead to drops in search rankings, limited mobile functionalities, and higher bounce rates among other things.

Maintaining excellent SEO on your website is even more important since Google rolled out its Core Web Vitals algorithm update. Markitors’ technical SEO services run regular audits and checks to catch any errors before they negatively impact your search traffic so you can rest assured knowing all your bases are covered.


If you Google the term “small business SEO,” you’ll most likely find Markitors on the first page of search results. There are thousands of digital marketing agencies that offer SEO services in the United States. Yet, Google consistently ranks us as one of the top choices for organic search engine optimization.

We launched and have built our SEO company in a sustainable and predictable way through SEO. We do the same for small businesses, and for Denver businesses like yours.

We get results. We practice what we preach. And we believe in having a good time while connecting our clients with customers.

Trust the Denver SEO specialists to help your business grow. Contact us today.