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How schools and private colleges can consistently increase website traffic and enrollment.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to increase organic website traffic by improving visibility in search engines. SEO for schools can help you outrank the competition when prospective students or parents search for a new school online. That means more leads, more calls, and more campus tours.

Education SEO services providers use a number of tactics to help schools increase their admissions, including:

  • High-quality SEO Content
  • Digital PR and White Hat Backlinking
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Monthly Reports

A holistic SEO strategy combining all of these elements is the glue of any successful digital marketing campaign for schools or any other business.

Search engine optimization services for schools will help boost your organic website traffic and build brand awareness. That means more prospective students will be contacting you. If your goal is to increase enrollment, consistent SEO development is the way to go.

Unlike paid ads, SEO services will help your school’s website steadily move up search engine results pages (SERPs). No more massive fluctuations in leads after marking campaigns when you’re using pay-per-click advertising.

By using an individually tailored SEO strategy for schools, you can get more students through your doors consistently while saving money. It’s an investment in the long-term that continues to deliver results long after you’ve paid for services.

There’s a lot you can do to optimize a school’s website. Here are just a few examples:

  • Page Title, Tags, and Meta Descriptions. Make sure each web page, especially the homepage, includes relevant keywords to help attract website traffic.
  • Keyword Research. Develop an SEO strategy that helps connect parents and students to information on your school’s website.
  • Local SEO. Make sure you provide consistent information on social media sites, online directories, and services like Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, and more.
  • User Experience. Ensure that prospective students can easily find a phone number and schedule a school tour.
  • Responsive Website. Actively manage the school’s website to deliver an optimal user experience on mobile devices.

If this sounds like a lot, and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, feel free to contact our education SEO experts to learn more about search engine optimization for schools and get your SEO journey started.

Education SEO services include the following, along with personalized customer service.

  • SEO Education Content: Authoritative, relevant content designed to attract inbound traffic. This incentivizes prospective students to schedule a school tour.
  • Digital PR: Backlinks to help increase search ranking for relevant keywords and build awareness for your school’s brand.
  • Technical SEO: Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, ALT text, Page Speed, and more.
  • Monthly Reporting: Google Analytics reporting on Target Audience Conversions, Increase in Website Traffic, Organic Traffic, Bounce Rate, and more.

Search engine optimization services for schools typically cost between $2500 and $10,000 per month for schools. This will get you a suite of SEO services, including digital PR, SEO content, technical SEO, monthly reports, and more.

SEO doesn’t happen overnight. This is true no matter what industry you’re in, mainly because the results are authentic and organic. In fact, according to Google, education SEO experts need at least four months and up to a year for their strategies to take full effect.

When prospective students or their parents look online for schools, they often search general keywords like: 

  • “colleges near me” (90,500 monthly searches)
  • “private schools near me” (90,500 monthly searches)
  • “community colleges near me” (74,000 monthly searches)

That’s why these keywords get thousands of hits per month, and an expert education SEO strategy will try and move your business up the SERPs for these top keywords. 

Beyond that, SEO experts will attempt to rank for specific, “long-tail” keywords for schools and higher education institutions. Examples of these include: 

  • “best schools for architecture” (12,000 monthly searches)
  • “best colleges for psychology” (5,400 monthly searches)
  • “best colleges for transgender students” (5,400 monthly searches)
  • “best schools for computer science” (2,900 monthly searches)

Although these keywords have a lower search volume, they often provide higher conversion rates for hits because they meet specific search criteria and target search intent. 

Higher education and private schools PPC advertising can be expensive and frustrating. Here’s why.

With some quick keyword research into PPC advertising costs, both private school and higher education keywords have a low click rate for paid ads. On top of that, higher education keywords are particularly expensive.

For example, if you want to rank for the keyword ‘colleges near me’ that has 90,500 monthly searches in the U.S., it would cost you $17.36 per click. And that’s with only 5% of the traffic actually clicking on paid ads.

For private schools, the stats are not much better. For the keyword ‘private schools near me’ with 90,500 monthly searches in the U.S., it would only cost you $3.33 per click. However, just 7% of all traffic clicks on paid ads.

These low click rates and high costs are why so many schools are turning to education SEO experts to get authentic traffic that’s sustainable for the long-term and actually converts to paying clients. 

SEO is all about trust. You don’t need to pay for advertising to build a brand and trust. You can build organic website traffic by tapping into education SEO services.

In this way, your school is promoted via quality content that builds brand reputation and awareness, not just through annoying ads. SEO content is educational, informative, and helps move your school’s website up SERPs at the same time.

On top of that, with technical SEO optimization, your website will move up SERPs simply because it allows search engines to better read and index your site. And everyone knows — the higher up Google’s results pages you are, the more inbound leads you have. 

We’ve done Local SEO for more than 200+ private preschools and schools K-6 — so we think we’re the right ones to ask that question.

When it comes to schools and higher education, a majority of business is going to come from local students. That means having a local SEO plan of action is a must.

Local education SEO can help connect students with your school. That means more phone calls and more school tours, leading to higher enrollment numbers. It works by increasing your website’s visibility on search engines for local searches related to schooling.

There are three main factors involved in local SEO, according to Google: relevance, distance, and prominence.

We work on all three in a combined effort to draw in more local customers. If you want to find out more, check out our local SEO services page.

There are so many tactics employed to build backlinks for schools and higher education institutions. Mom and dad bloggers, local churches, local associations, local organizations, alumni spotlights, resource pages for education, unlinked mentions — the list goes on and on.

At Markitors, we offer more than just backlinking, though. We also offer digital PR for principals and educators to increase school brand awareness and authority. Check out our digital PR service page for more information about how our digital PR strategies can help bring in massive traffic to your school’s website. 

If you want to get started on your own, we recommend updating your Google My Business listing. In this way, more local prospective students and parents can find your business and give you a call.

But we think you might be better off letting us take it from there. After all, we’re the education SEO experts. With years of experience in search engine optimization services for schools, we can help get your school or college’s website up SERPs in no time.

To find out more, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (480) 550-6336.


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