We’re Hiring: Digital Marketing Manager

Our Mission: to connect small businesses with customers…and to have a good time doing it. Our Values You Are Unique: Respect the uniqueness of every human being. Always Fresh, Always Thrilling: Innovate to keep things exciting. Bias For Action: When … Read More

How To Ad Markitors To Your Facebook Ad Account

Step 1: Go to Business Manager Settings Log in to Facebook Business Manager and click “Go to Settings” on the right side of the page. Step 2: Click Ad Accounts Click “Ad Accounts” on the left sidebar. Step 3: Click … Read More

How To Accept Facebook Admin Request

1. Go to your Facebook Page 2. Click “Go To Business Manager” to manage this page. 3. Click “Settings” in the top right corner 4. Click “Page Roles” on left hand sidebar 5. Scroll down until you see Markitors request. … Read More

How Personalized Content Boosts Marketing Automation Results

Automation is one of the biggest marketing strategies. However, the image most people get in their heads when they see the word “automation” added to anything is often not a pretty one. With marketing automation, the idea of having bots … Read More

Raising the Bar in Home Care: Interview with Carl Santoro, Owner of Compassionate Assistance in Arizona

What’s the Compassionate Assistance story? Compassionate Assistance is a family-owned, non-medical home care provider. Our branch provides home care in Scottsdale, Arizona. My father owns the Pennsylvania branch. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, compassionate in-home personal care to … Read More

Email Verification Myths, Debunked

Your email marketing campaign is only as effective as your data. Good data is clean data, which makes verifying data is a necessity for businesses. One of the most effective tools in your data cleansing tool box is an email … Read More

A Different Approach to Fitness: Interview With Chris Rea, Founder Of ReaShape

We recently interviewed Chris Rea, founder of ReaShape and inventor of a speed bag platform that fits in any doorway — EZspeedbag. He likes to work out anytime, anywhere, whether it’s at his home in New York or on an adventure … Read More

Streamlining hospital communication – An interview with Brad Goldsmith, Co-Founder of MDsyncNET’s Co-Founder, Brad Goldsmith, recently had an interview with Markitors discussing his business, inspiration and the three things he can guarantee his customers. What inspired you to start MDsyncNET? During the internet boom in 2001, I wasn’t sure what I … Read More

Rough Week At The Workplace…

Our Digital Marketing Manager, Emily Lierle, has had a real rough week of work in Cancun with ON THE MARK, an organization design firm … #WereHiring

6 CRMs That Integrate With MailChimp

Looking for CRMs that integrate with MailChimp? You’re in the right place. Here are six CRMs that integrate with MailChimp: MailChimp For SalesForce is the perfect CRM tool for creating, managing, and sending massive emails. You might have different … Read More