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Get strategic SEO content created by the content marketing professionals at Markitors. Read to learn more about our SEO Content Strategy and Content Creation Services.

SEO content is content that is focused on ranking at the top of search engines like Google. SEO content is a true testament to the SEO philosophy that before you create a page of content, you should know what primary keyword and secondary keywords you want to target for that page. That way when you create the page, it has a specific SEO goal – and, if done correctly, a business goal.

SEO content is different from standard content because its topics have been strategically evaluated for ranking on search engines for its target keywords first. Thus, the content has a high probability of ranking for a select number of target keywords because you (or an SEO agency) have researched those keywords, understood their intent-to-purchase levels, analyzed their keyword difficulty scores, assessed the competition, and developed a hypothesis on what exactly needs to be done in order for the pages to perform the best in the search landscape. Then, you create the content and see whether your hypothesis was on the mark or not.

An SEO content strategy is the research and development process before SEO-driven content is created. Strategists at Markitors will meet with you to get a sense of the high-impact keywords you want to rank for, then begin comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis.

Using this data, we will create a quarterly SEO content strategy for your small business and use that strategy as the blueprint for driving traffic to your site and increasing conversions. One important factor that separates our SEO content strategy from many other SEO agencies in the industry is that we emphasize creating content that has a high probability of generating ROI for your business.

We want to turn SEO into a channel for your business that drives results. Prioritizing organic search is how you as a small business owner will cut marketing costs in the long-term and better solidify your brand’s organic search presence.

Our strategists will first work with you on better understanding your company and your product. We want to know for certain what you sell, how you sell it, who you will sell it to, what’s currently working for your marketing, and what’s not.

This will give our strategists an idea of the types of things your customers might be searching for online as it relates to your business. One way we try to expedite this process is by getting a sense of any keyword data from PPC campaigns you may be running and which keywords might be performing best.

Our strategists then use data-driven keyword research, competitor research, and trend analysis to determine what content for SEO to create for your website. We will do keyword research to assess keyword monthly search volume, ranking difficulty, traffic value, and more using SEO tools like Google Search Console, Google Trends, and Ahrefs.

Through our research, our strategists will assemble an SEO content strategy that will largely be based on actions needed for your site’s existing pages and potential new pages.

For mapping out the content optimization needs of existing pages on your site, we will look into the data and ask ourselves a number of SEO-based questions:

  • What pages are declining in organic search traffic? Could we help these pages bounce back with a basic page update?
  • Is there a page that’s dropping in traffic but rising in rankings for its target keyword? What does it need to accomplish its goal?
  • Are there search terms, niche keywords, competitive keywords, and long-tail keywords the page should be ranking for but for some reason is not? Why?
  • Which pages are in the middle of page one on Google that could rise with a light page optimization?
  • What pages are outdated and may drop anytime soon if we don’t give them a page refresh?
  • What pages are doing really well in terms of SEO and should be converting users into customers but aren’t?

For mapping out the content creation needs for new pages on your site, we will also ask ourselves a number of SEO-based questions:

  • What competitor pages could we emulate and do 10x better content (utilizing the skyscraper technique)?
  • What secondary pages could we create to help drive traffic and pass link equity via internal links to your primary pages using a topic cluster approach?

Our team of SEO and content strategists will focus on what content will drive conversions, generate leads, and result in sales for your small business.

Yes, we do extensive keyword research at Markitors! Our SEO Content team has expert strategists who specialize in keyword research using a highly data-driven approach. Markitors’ strategists spend hours every day researching potential target keywords and creating content strategies that help our clients reach their business goals.

Keyword research is a vital part of content marketing and cannot be skipped. We view keyword research as the blueprint to a successful SEO content strategy. In order to know what type of content we need to create for your site, we need to be able to assess where your site’s currently ranking and where it’s not. From there we build our content optimization and creation plan to narrow the gap.

For every keyword, we look at things like keyword search volume, keyword ranking difficulty, traffic value, and more using a variety of SEO tools.

Yes, we do competitive analysis to craft the best strategic SEO content plan for your business. Competitive analysis is key for figuring out what the trends are and what queries are being searched for on search engines in your niche/market.

One competitive analysis process we use is a keyword gap analysis. Keyword gap analysis is when we compare your website to competitors’ sites and see which keywords your competitors are currently ranking for that you are not. We assess the top pages driving the most traffic to your competitors’ sites and analyze different strategies and tactics to outrank them. Using this type of analysis, we can see opportunities for content ideas that are relevant to your business.

Our goal is to increase your site’s market share when it comes to the keywords you care about for your business.

We use a plethora of analytical tools when assessing which keywords target such as Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Google Trends, Google Analytics, etc. There are different ways to utilize each SEO tool at different parts of the process.

For instance, Ahrefs is a great resource and keyword research tool to use for generating new keywords to target and analyzing their ranking difficulty and traffic value. Google Search Console is often more useful to see what current web pages need to be updated and optimized because it shows how impressions and clicks have changed over time. In addition, Google Search Console can be an effective tool to use for niche markets that may not have all of their keyword data populated in Ahrefs.

Using a combination of these tools is how we approach research for creating an effective SEO content strategy for your small business. We see where your site is in the market and what keywords we need to focus on in order to get visibility in front of your target audience.

We use your brand, product, as well as the research we do and data we collect to decide what topics to center content around. In SEO strategy, it is best to stay within your brand’s niche when creating SEO content. The more interconnected topics you have within a subject category, the more Google is going to associate your website as being relevant to the subject – this is how we turn your business and your website into a thought leader in the space. In turn, when a user searches for a keyword related to your content, your pages are more likely to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

We typically will organize content topics by keyword clusters, or “verticals,” to ensure the content is categorized for SEO purposes. We’ll create for your site so that it aligns with how Google categorizes your site; this will help us ensure the content reaches its target audience. We then divvy up our content recommendations in a number of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Which topics have a high-intent-to-purchase audience and which have a low-intent?
  • Which topics can your site rank for in the long-term and which in the short-term?
  • Which topics can support existing sections on your site, and yield internal linking opportunities, and which will require creating completely new sections?

Ultimately, it comes down to identifying the best content for SEO opportunities that will align with generating revenue for your business.

Yes, 100%! You will be able to approve the content strategy made specifically for you before any content is written. You will review the strategy and have the opportunity to request for any changes to be made before moving forward to the SEO content creation process.

We make it our prerogative to collaborate with our clients on content strategies because they are the product owners – they know their business more than we do. It’s our job to know it exceptionally well and be able to communicate it, but, more importantly, to make sure the world knows about it, too. That’s where SEO comes in, especially when it comes to SEO for small businesses.

Search Engine Optimization content creation is the process of creating high-quality content that drives high-quality organic traffic to your site. Our writers craft blog posts, landing pages, and long-form content using the content strategy created for and approved by your business. 

Using the content strategy as a baseline, writers research competitor content that is ranking high on search engines to see what users are looking for. With this information and the approved strategy for the content piece in place, our expert writers will write a value-packed page utilizing internal and external link opportunities and including target keywords.

At this point in the process we have identified the best SEO content strategy to pursue for your website.

Now it’s time to create pieces of content that will accomplish your business goals through the channel of Search Engine Optimization.

Understanding Your Business

First, the writer will do a deep dive in learning more about your business, product, and SEO goals. 

After reviewing the primary and secondary keywords for your piece of content, the writer will research the top search results to see what is currently doing well in the market.

Writing Content The Right Way

At Markitors, we look at SEO as the perfect mix of art and science. In order for various types of content to be successful, it must speak to both Google and human users. We think about two things when writing our SEO content:

  1. What does Google want from this page?
  2. What do humans (users) want from this page?

With this knowledge, they will write a unique piece of SEO-driven content that meets high-quality standards, matches your tone and voice, and is set up to rank for its target keywords.

Incorporating Data and Content Writing Tools

In order for our SEO content to succeed, we have integrated data, in-depth research, AI, and years of content marketing and SEO experience all into one workflow.

We make sure our SEO content ranks by focusing on creating the right content for both Google and the user. We utilize the right keywords based on our research in the right structure and with the right word count. Our content writers support the page using a host of tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway, and Frase.

Grammarly ensures our content is grammatically correct and error-free. We use Hemingway to assess readability and word choice. Frase is used as a keyword and SEO scoring tool to ensure we are beating out competitors.

Establishing Expertise and Credibility

We also create content that matches Google’s E-A-T guidelines. E-A-T principles require that high-quality content has a high level of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Including Internal Linking for SEO

We will also include internal links to pages on your website as well as credible external links to other sources if applicable using proper anchor text.

Optimizing Images for SEO

Images will be optimized and added to create balance and break up sections of text for ease of reading.

Focusing on User Intent

Our writers will ensure the target keywords are included at the appropriate keyword density and distribution levels and that the piece matches search intent.

Establishing Metadata Best Practices

We write an SEO meta description and specify the slug for the page. Then, the piece will be sent to our editorial team to put the finishing touches on it before delivering it to the client.

Yes, you will always get the chance to review any content Markitors creates for you. Making sure our clients feel confident in the SEO content that gets published on their site is always a top priority. This is why we first share our content with clients in draft format for review and approval prior to publishing. We make the content creation process collaborative to foster strong relationships and ensure the finished SEO content is engaging and goal-oriented.

After you approve your content strategy, the strategy will be put into motion and our content writers will begin working on your SEO-driven content pieces. You will be able to review every piece of content before it gets published by us or someone on your team. At this stage we want to make sure the content is set up for SEO success and that it fully meets your expectations.

The immediate benefits of our SEO Content Services are that we manage your content strategy, content writing, content editing, and content publishing. 

The long lasting benefits of our services are generating ROI for your business using the cost-effective solution of SEO.

The ROI of Markitors’ SEO content is that it will help you generate organic traffic that turns into high-quality leads and ultimately revenue. We prioritize creating high-intent-to-purchase content, because not all content is created equal.

Our writers create content specific to your audience that has a high probability of gaining new customers. At Markitors, we strongly believe that it’s not about generating any traffic; it’s about generating the right traffic.

We want to drive high-quality, high-intent-to-purchase traffic to your website. That’s how we help your business grow and that’s how we win.

During and after our work, we measure how much of an impact our work has had on your site’s capabilities to drive leads, conversions, and revenue.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and transparent SEO company and not to go on your SEO journey alone, you’ve found the right partner. Chat with us here on the website, fill out a contact form, or feel free to call us now to tell us more about your business and your goals. Let’s help you take your organic search traffic to the next level.




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I can’t recommend Markitors highly enough from both a speed and investment angle. Their SEO services are very effective in growing your brand online.
— Brian Mohr, Co-founder of Y Scouts


Here are the critical components that we evaluate:

  • Indexing: How your site is read by search engines
  • Accessibility: How your site is read by search engines.
  • Site Architecture: Technical analysis of your website setup.
  • User Experience: Evaluation of your website design and user behaviors.
  • Keyword Analysis: How you and your competition appears in organic search rankings.
  • Link Analysis: External and internal link evaluation.
  • Mobile Optimization: How your website appears on mobile devices.
  • On Page SEO Optimization: Factors that influence search rankings.
  • Content Evaluation: What your content is doing to help you drive business.
  • Social Media: How social media is complementing your search efforts.