Our Mission: to connect small businesses with customers…and to have a good time doing it.

Director of SEO Content


The sole responsibility of a Director of SEO Content is to carefully craft content strategies and ensure your team flawlessly executes your vision to drive results for small businesses.

Data helps drive your decisions. You edit fast and provide feedback that elevates your team. Clients trust your direction and guidance. Content creators understand your synopses. Deadlines get met through innovation, can-do-itness, and attention to detail.

In short, content starts and stops with you. You take ownership of all SEO content our agency creates.

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Content Writer


The primary responsibility of a Content Writer is to execute carefully crafted SEO optimized content strategies that drive results for small businesses.

Audiences reach the end of your pages without any effort. You write fast and intuitively for search engine users. You skillfully weave target keywords into informative articles that match searcher intent. Your content gives readers the answers they came for.

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Software Engineering Intern, Data Science


As a Software Engineering Intern, you will help Markitors fulfill its mission to connect small businesses with their customers.

In this role you’ll not only work on coding algorithms or programs but also participate in the brainstorming sessions with the team for choosing the best features to help improve Terkel, our knowledge platform. We are looking for someone who has the intuition to work in a collaborative environment. If you have the above mentioned qualities with strong technical skills in Machine Learning/AI and Data Analysis, please apply for this role.

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Community Relations Coordinator

Phoenix, AZ

As a Community Relations Coordinator, you will help Markitors fulfill its mission to connect small businesses with their customers. You will manage Community Partnerships in the Greater Phoenix area to ignite grassroots marketing efforts for small businesses while creating exposure and awareness for Markitors, our partners and our clients. These partnerships and marketing opportunities result in further branding for Markitors as the “#1 SEO company in Phoenix” and ultimately helps drive organic search efforts for our clients.

This position requires passion, energy & persuasiveness, and a commitment to the Phoenix community.

What’s a day to day look like? Learn more.

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We currently do not have any additional immediate employment needs. However, we’re always on the lookout for great people.

Things change fast around here at Markitors. To be considered for future employment, please join our talent community by filling out the form below (and, scrolling down to learn more about us).

Fun Facts

  • Google “digital marketing company,” and Markitors is on the first page nationwide. We are poised for growth, and invite you to come along for the ride.
  • We are a 12-person startup in Old Town Scottsdale, located in the heart of Civic Center Park.
  • Our clients range from a brewing company in Scottsdale to a helicopter company in Hawaii to a consulting company in London to a print company in Nashville. We have clients all over the world in all different types of industries.

Our Values

You are Unique

Respect the uniqueness of every human being.

Always Fresh, Always Thrilling

Innovate to keep things exciting.

Bias for Action

When in doubt, do what you think is right.


Deliver on all promises.

Strength in Numbers

Utilize all available resources.

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Our Founding Team

Markitors is a digital marketing startup located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. We connect small businesses with customers...and have a great time doing it. If you Google "digital marketing company," you'll find Markitors on the 1st page of search results. We know our stuff, and nothing makes us happier than moving small businesses forward.

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