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Content marketing is an approach to marketing that is focused on crafting and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to reach and retain a target audience. The content is developed in a way where it is designed to drive awareness, generate leads, and ultimately garner conversions for your business.

Generally speaking, content marketing can range from social media posts, to blog posts, landing pages, product pages, and more. These digital materials aim to drive organic traffic to your website and attract new customers.

A successful content marketing strategy will provide users with valuable insights, bring customers to your business, increase conversions, and drive brand awareness.

A content marketing strategy is a blueprint that focuses on how to create and promote content to attract prospective customers to your business.

A content marketing strategy starts by identifying what content to create.

Once a content plan has been established, the next step is to determine how to market your content using the four main types of online promotion: SEOPay Per Click AdvertisingEmail Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Then, once a content marketing strategy has been established, it’s time to execute on the strategy.

There’s no denying it: attracting attention to your content today is hard.

In fact, by the time you roll out of bed in the morning, there are over 1 million blog posts already published around the world.

By the time you finish breakfast, there have been over 70 million photos posted to Instagram in the last 24 hours.

And, by the time you finish reading this sentence, 20 million emails were sent.

In other words, by the time you’ve written, published, and even thought about promoting your content, you’re one of a million people who have done the same thing that day.

Despite the competition, you may have seen certain competitors or people in your niche have success.

They’re generating Instagram likes, getting comments on their blogs, and seem to be attracting the attention that you’d like for your content.

How do they do that?

SEO content writing services provide a blueprint to get your content more attention and to drive more results. A strategy provides the exact blog posts to create, the keywords to target, and the steps to follow once you press “Publish.”

To create a content marketing strategy for your business, we go through a number of steps before creating content.

Step 1: Determine Your Business Goals (as it relates to content)

We sit down with you to evaluate your specific business goal and translate how it may relate to content marketing. We will use your goals to create a content marketing strategy unique to your business. This is one aspect that sets us apart from other content marketing agencies: we know that traffic is one KPI, but conversions are really going to be your most important KPI.

Step 2: Determine Your Budget

Before we can devise a strategy, we will work with you to determine a budget you can set aside for your content marketing campaign. This will tell both of us how much high-quality content to plan for and how long the pieces will be. Our team will work with you to make sure that your content creation needs will be as closely met as possible based on your available budget.

Step 3: Identify Content Focus

Next, together we will decide on a focus for your content. Maybe the focus will be building out landing pages for your website. Or, it could be guide-style blog posts that relate to your business’ products or services that will resonate with readers. Will the content need to be focused on SEO and converting users specifically? Or will it be more of a branded play and not necessarily need to rank organically for non-branded keywords in search results? Whatever it may be, we will figure out the best route to take.

Step 4: Use Data

We will use data from various SEO tools to back up our assumptions about the content your business will need from Markitors. This includes extensive competitor research and analysis to discover the best keywords to target and more.

Step 5: Review Final Content Topics

After we finish researching your topics, we will meet to discuss the final topic ideas and angles for your pieces of content. We will get into the specifics of the keywords we will target in your pieces, the rationale behind our recommendations, and our overall content marketing strategy.

Step 6: Develop The Content

Once the strategy is approved, our content writers and editors will create the pieces of relevant content for your business in the most strategic way possible. Content strategists and writers work closely to ensure that the strategy objectives are met to achieve high-quality results.

We primarily create two types of content marketing: landing pages and blog posts. 

Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone web pages intentionally designed to drive conversions. Landing pages are an effective way to communicate a certain product or service your company offers while giving your site the best chance to drive conversions and leads. 

Potential customers will land on one of these pages and ideally be convinced to purchase your product or service or at least provide their contact information for more information. It is recommended that a business maintain multiple landing pages to segment its market. 

Blog Posts

Blog posts primarily intend to teach users who are in the exploratory phase more about your product or service. They also are effective in ranking higher for long-tail keywords related to your business. Think of these pages as expertly written pieces of content that bring potential customers to your website through organic search via Search Engine Optimization.

These pages, or “guides,” will also increase your brand awareness, brand credibility, and thought leadership in your vertical. We try to make our impact long-term for our clients by creating evergreen content. For some clients, we even incorporate custom graphics to achieve the best SEO results. Our in-house graphic designer creates unique graphics for your website’s pages.

There are four main ways to promote your content online: SEOPay Per Click AdvertisingEmail Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

SEO is at the core of content marketing.

Why? Because the key to a good content marketing strategy is sustainability.

SEO offers sustainable inbound traffic to your website. As long as people search for your keyword, and as long as Google ranks your website for that keyword, you will have guaranteed organic search traffic coming to your website each month. This is a big step to have some predictability in your business.

Without SEO at the core of a content strategy, you consistently have to recreate content that will deliver one-time results. Take an email campaign or an infographic for example. There is a shelf life to that content, where an email campaign might have 24-48 hours of life before you have to create the next piece of content.

That’s why SEO is at the core of content marketing. If a company can create good content for SEO, then the rest of the company’s content marketing efforts have some more flexibility.

We incorporate SEO into our content marketing every step of the way. Our strategists use keyword research, competitor analysis, and prioritize content that will generate the most ROI for your business. We utilize proper anchor text, optimized metadata, internal link strategy, and engaging writing to ensure pieces perform well on search engines like Google. 

SEO efforts are essential if you are looking to grow your business –– the impact of getting your content marketing into search rankings could be huge for your business. We take care of the technical aspects for you so you don’t have to. For more information, visit our SEO Content Services page.

Our approach to creating a content SEO strategy is really simple.
We find content that has already done well.

We take what we find and our SEO content writers make it better.

And then we promote that content directly to people who would be interested.

Let’s take a deeper dive into each formula component.

Finding content that has done well

This is where you’re hunting for content that IS getting the attention you’re seeking.
The places to hunt:

  • Google (Using search queries like best + “keyword” + posts)
  • Wikipedia (In the links section at the bottom of the page)
  • Reddit (Under subreddits)
  • Pinterest (Search your keyword and look for repinned content)
  • Open Site Explorer (To look at competitor content)
  • BuzzSumo (To find amazing content)
  • Google (Looking at the first page)

After visiting each one of these resources, you’ll have an entire list of content that people are actively seeking out and consuming. Now, it’s time to make better content.

Creating better content than the rest

At this point, we’ve got our list of topics and titles to create. Now, we have to create it.

But how do you make something better?

Here are four ways to make your content better:

  • Bring content up to date (look for the content posted 2-3+ years ago)
  • Make content comprehensive (develop content that has all the information in one place)
  • Make content beautiful (design content so it’s visually appealing)
  • Write better content (produce content that’s easier and more entertaining to read)

After improving your content using one (or all) of these methods, you’ll have created content that is ready to be shared with the masses and climb search engine rankings.

Reaching the right people

Most people don’t reach this step.

They create content. They schedule it to be posted on their brand’s social media sites and consider their job to be done.

Not so fast.

The crucial component of a content marketing strategy is how you’re going to get attention.

Here are four types of people to connect with:

  • People who have an interest in your topic (and are likely to link to it)
  • People who have already linked to similar content (and are likely to link to your version)
  • People you’ve mentioned in your post (who are likely to share if they like it)
  • People on forums (who appreciate valuable content, but can sniff out a marketer from a mile away)

These are the people that will make or break your content marketing strategy.

Our team of talented writers, AI-driven tools, extensive research, and our expertise in different industries all play important roles in how we are able to develop content at the scale we do. Our writers work diligently to write high-quality content while following SEO best practices. Markitors’ team of strategists and writers alike use various tools such as Ahrefs, Surfer SEO, Google Search Console, and more to conduct proper research and analysis for our content marketing services. 

A Markitors dedicated SEO content writer can create a blog post that sings and a landing page that sells.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in many different industries including: 

  • SEO for SaaS companies. For our clients in the SaaS space, we have reduced their reliance on paid marketing with organic SEO efforts.
  • SEO for Staffing agencies. We have worked with various staffing agencies to build their brand reputation and increase inbound leads.
  • SEO for Higher Education. We boost organic search traffic to increase enrollment in schools ranging from private preschools to public universities.

For more information about other industries we’ve serviced, visit our industries page.

Ready to reap the benefits of content marketing? Let us take your website’s organic search traffic to the next level with our content marketing services. Chat with us here on the website, fill out a contact form, or give us a call to tell us about your business’ content marketing goals. As an industry leader in both SEO and content marketing, we’d be more than happy to help you with your content marketing strategy.

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