Employer Branding Strategy

How do you turn three words into an employer branding strategy in the staffing industry?

Employer Branding Strategy

Markitors employer branding strategy approach:

Job Brokers Inc. originally approached Markitors with a dream and a concept. It was our job to take their trademarked tagline – “What’s Your Why?” – and create an employer brand that would be unlike anything else in the staffing industry. To create the blueprint of how this brand would evolve into a leader in the staffing industry, Markitors did the following:

  • Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of ten competitors and their employment brand
  • Researched relevant insights on the staffing industry, job seekers and the target audience
  • Identified opportunities to create a new category in the staffing industry
  • Developed the foundation for the new brand according to the opportunities that existed in the industry
  • Created ownable points of difference to get to the core of the brand

From the above, Markitors did the following for the brand identity:

  • Wrote the brand positioning statement
  • Created the brand name
  • Designed the logo, business cards, letterhead and powerpoint slides
  • Designed the website and social media assets

From Our Client:

Markitors gives you the best bang for your buck without having to go to one of the bigger agencies in town.

Markitors is spelled with an “i/o” for input output. We’re an analytical digital marketing agency in Phoenix that blends marketing and auditing to help B2C companies improve their online presence. Contact us to see how Markitors can help create an employer branding strategy for your organization.

What’s Your Why Phoenix Tour

Markitors manages the social media presence for Y Scouts, a Phoenix based staffing agency that works with purpose based companies to fill their employment needs. To make Y Scouts interesting to follow, Markitors conceptualized a city wide photo tour called the “What’s Your Why?” tour. Using social media as the vehicle to help launch Y Scouts in Phoenix, this tour has captured more 300 photographs at 30+ companies in the Valley. Here’s more info on the tour, along with some of the photos Markitors has taken and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more social media platforms.

The “What’s Your Why” tour captures the reasons “why people work” through photos. We’d love to stop by your company on our tour.

Here’s what happens on our tour stops:

1. You and employees from your company write down “why you work” on a piece of paper. (See below for examples)
2. We come in and take photos of people in your company holding up their “why” sign. (About a 5 minute process per person)
3. We share these photographs on Yscouts.com and our social media accounts to give your company some exposure, and to help job seekers “begin with why” in their job search process (as opposed to “what,” i.e. – the job).

Sound good? Fill out the form below to submit a person or a company that you think we should include on our “What’s Your Why?” Tour!

Nancy Stice, Exhibits Director at The Children’s Museum Of Phoenix
“So I never grow up or old…”
Nancy Stice, Exhibits Director at The Children's Museum Of Phoenix

Chris Petroff, Co-Founder Of SEED SPOT
“To build entrepreneurial communities”
Chris Petroff, Co-Founder Of SEED SPOT

Lauren Breunig, Coach and Perfomer at Circus School Of Arizona
“We bring the impossible to life!”
Lauren Breunig, Coach and Perfomer at Circus School Of Arizona

Jared Smith, President at bluemedia
I can make it better.
Jared Smith, President at bluemedia

Lauren Tassiello, Talent Tractor Beam Operator
Lauren Tassiello Talent Tractor Beam Operator at Infusionsoft

David Anderson, Co-Founder + CEO – Off Madison Ave
To do it different.
David Anderson, Co-Founder + CEO - Off Madison Ave

De Anne Russell and Jackie Schierenberg, Talent Acquisiiton at Dignity Health

Max Hansen | CEO | Y Scouts

What's Your Why? - Inspire Today For A Better Tomorrow - Max Hansen, CEO of Y Scouts

Brian Mohr | VP of Growth | Y Scouts

What's Your Why? - "To postively impact everyone I meet." - Brian Mohr, Vice President of Growth, Y Scouts

Paul Eisenstein | Talent Manager | Y Scouts

What's Your Why? - "Putting a dent in the universe!" - Paul Eisenstein  I  Talent Manager | Y Scouts

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