Best Digital Marketing Certifications For Digital Marketers

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The bustling world of digital marketing is a hot field to jump into. Because of this, it’s also extremely competitive and it can be hard to stand out of the crowd. A lot of people can figure out digital marketing tactic on their own but becoming a digital marketing expert is a completely different story. But there are ways to jumpstart your knowledge and set you apart from the crowd, say hello to some of the best digital marketing certifications.

Google AdWords Certification

Search advertising is a huge part of digital marketing. Getting your Google Adwords certification is a great way to dip your toes into the online advertising world, get to know Google and stand out from other digital marketers. There are a few different assessments within the Google Adwords certification. To earn your Ad search certification, you’ll need to pass the fundamentals assessment and the search advertising assessment. There’s also a display assessment to earn a Google Ads Display certification. You’ll need to earn an 80% on any google assessment to pass.  

Facebook Blueprint

The Facebook Blueprint exam is the only approved exam from the Facebook platform. This informative test is the best way to learn this highly unique advertising platform. The Blueprint exam is a very rigorous process. The exam is timed and a proctor must watch you while you take it. Thankfully, Facebook has learning modules to work through to help you prepare. Like AdWords, the exam consists of two parts to pass before receiving certification. However, unlike AdWords, each part does cost $150 to take. The common recommendation is to be working within the platform for at least 6 months before attempting to take the exam.   

Google IQ Certification

The digital marketer’s ultimate asset is reporting results. All month long you work on a variety of strategies to improve your client’s digital footprint and reporting is the best way to prove your worth. A huge help to reporting? Google Analytics. Google’s website data platform allows you to see site visitors, sessions, traffic referral channels and much more.

Earning your Google IQ certification is a great way to learn the platform. Google’s training modules teach you the ins and outs of identifying data and summarizing it in a digestible way. Similar to the AdWords exam, you’ll log in to the Analytics Academy to access the courses. From there, you can take the beginners course to get your feet wet, then move along to the Advanced Google Analytics course. Once you feel confident in the courses, then you can take the IQ Exam. The exam is 90 minutes and you will need an 80% to pass.

MailChimp Skillshare

Although it’s not a formal certification, Skillshare has a great course for learning email marketing. If you haven’t tried skillshare, you need to. There are hundreds of courses to help you up your skills, most notably the Mailchimp Skillshare course. Each module was filmed with actual employees of MailChimp to help you learn the ins and outs of the platform. From building engagement email designs to organizing your lists, there’s a variety of video courses to help you become an email expert.

There is a lot to learn when diving into the digital marketing field. That’s why we broke down some of the best digital marketing certifications. Each one is a necessary step to help you stand out and really learn about the tool you’re working with. From Facebook Blueprint to Google AdWords Certification, there’s a lot to cover. So grab your computer and get to work. Happy studying!

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