Best Keyboard Shortcuts Every Digital Marketer Should Know

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As a digital a marketer, you know your way around a computer. But what if there were a few tricks to save you and your hands some time when you’re typing? Say hello to the ultimate list of best keyboard shortcuts every digital marketer should know. These simple keyboard shortcuts are efficient, save time and they may even impress your coworkers.

Note: these keyboard shortcuts work best on Apple computers.

Best Keyboard Shortcuts


Highlight your text and perform this shortcut to copy your text.

Command + c



Tap your cursor in the desired area and do this shortcut to paste.

Command + v


Paste without formatting

Paste the copy you want without the font styles or bullet points. Get a clean paste with:

Command + shift + V


New Tab

Open a new tab within your existing window.

Command + t


New Window

Open a separate internet window.

Command + n


Emoji Keyboard

Say goodbye to the copy and paste. Insert your favorite emojis anywhere with the emoji keyboard. This is probably one of the best keyboard shortcuts, especially if you’re working with social media copy.

Control + command + shift


Registered Symbol

Put the registered mark ® next to registered companies or products easily. This is extremely useful for writing ad copy in Adwords.

Option + r


Trademark Symbol

Similar, don’t miss a beat by using the trademark symbol ™ keyboard shortcut.

Option + 2


Page Refresh

Save that cursor trip to the top of the page with the page refresh shortcut.

Command + r



Have the option to print what you want, when you want it with two buttons.

Command + p


Zoom In and Out

Get a better look with the easy zoom in and zoom out feature.

Press Command and “+” at the same time. To zoom out, click command and “-” at the same time.


Lastly, the classic bold, italic and underline, just in case you need a refresher. Simply highlight the text, put in the following shortcuts and you’re good to go.



Command + B



Command + I



Command + U


There you have it, the best keyboard shortcuts every digital marketer should know. Now it’s about time you try them out, so you can start saving yourself and clients precious time. Be sure to bookmark this page (command + d) so you can refer to these shortcuts when you need them most. 

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