commercial real estate company increases brand awareness


Increasing brand awareness in a crowded real estate space can be difficult.

Whether the industry is commercial or residential, real estate agents go to great lengths to occupy space in the minds of their target audience. Calendars. Birthday cards. Email campaigns. Ads. The list goes on.

But one commercial real estate company approached us with a new idea in mind to increase brand awareness: SEO (search engine optimization).

How could a tenant only commercial real estate company drive brand awareness?


The challenge of increasing brand awareness for a commercial real estate company was identifying the brand itself.

In order to raise awareness, we needed to know how the company wanted to be branded online. What made them unique?

It’s a question every real estate company can ask themselves. What truly makes you different?

For our client, the differences (and points of brand awareness) boiled down to:

  • Tenant Only
  • Specific Areas of Focus (What We Do)
  • Company Culture

How could SEO and content creation help support these points of differentiation and attract interested online traffic?


The solution to increasing brand awareness across these different areas boiled down to:

  • Create 8 SEO optimized pieces of content per month focused on commercial real estate
  • Create digital marketing strategies for each internal division
  • Partner with internal marketing team to promote content via the company assets, like social media and email campaigns

Let’s go back to the idea of creating 8 blog posts per month. To some companies, that may sound like a lot. But each piece of content would be guided by search volumes (the number of people searching for the content each month).

For example, some keywords we targeted included:

  • rentable square feet (search volume: 150 searches per month)
  • common area factor (search volume: 100 searches per month)
  • shared office space (search volume: 2,700 searches per month)
  • commercial real estate phoenix
  • healthcare real estate (250 searches
  • best companies to work for in phoenix (300 searches per month)

By targeting keywords that would complement the brand, we believed our content could increase brand awareness as long as we occupied page 1 of search results.


How did we do in creating brand awareness?

Well, the coolest stat that demonstrated results is the increase in “branded search” impressions – the number of people searching for the company.

In addition,

  • First page Google search result for keywords like “common area factor” and “shared office space phoenix” and 100+ more keywords
  • 5x growth in organic search visits within one year
  • Generate record number of online inquiries

Overall, this tenant only commercial real estate company proved to us that SEO could be used to increase brand awareness (and probably should be used by real estate companies to differentiate themselves).

“Thank you for helping make us the most visible real estate firm in the world online.”

– Founder & Principal, Commercial Real Estate Firm