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Always Fresh, Always Thrilling

tapping into the small batch beer community


McFate Brewing Company has brewed 300+ small-batch beers since 2012. With multiple locations in Arizona, McFate rotates beers often to make sure they’re always fresh and always thrilling to those looking for a taste of McFate.

McFate’s most well-known beer: The Candy Bar Milk Stout.


When McFate first came to Markitors, the majority of their public facing social media posts were promotional. Half-off pizza Mondays. Save $2 on a growler fill. And more.

These promotional posts had low engagement and were detrimental to the brand. The challenge Markitors aimed to solve was, How does a brewing company promote themselves while enhancing their overall brand, and the brands of their most well-known small-batch brews?


Markitors overhauled the McFate social media strategy in the following ways:

1. The majority of social media posts are about enhancing the McFate brand. Markitors visits and photographs McFate weekly to highlight the unique elements of the customer experience and beverages.

2. Promotional offers were hidden from public view and shared directly with target customers through paid ads. This enabled our team to better determine ROI and to keep things fresh and thrilling for fans outside of Arizona.

3. With multiple locations operating independently on social media, Markitors unified the social media accounts into one branded account for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Under a unified and brand-first social media approach, McFate has doubled their online following in six months.

The perfect example of our results is The Candy Bar Milk Stout (pictured at right). McFate dripped social media posts leading up to the release of acclaimed brew, and upon release, The Candy Bar Milk Stout had sold out within 48 hours.


New Social Media Followers
Branded Photos Created
Candy Bar Milk Stouts Left (Sold Out!)

“The informative summary of monthly results is really helpful to let us know how we’re doing.”

– Steve McFate, Founder of McFate Brewing Company

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» To grow brand awareness through the sharing of your content and story.


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» (3) Social Media Posts per week on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
» 24/7 Monitoring
» Detailed monthly report on engagement, follower growth, and monthly recap with plans for next month

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