software company increases inquiries


A software company based in the United Kingdom captures, compiles and organizes all of your business communications into one easily accessible platform. They are a small startup that has spun off from a side project at a larger company. They have limited resources, and have invented a software that needs definition to resonate with customers.

The company has very little resources, domain authority, or momentum to gain traction via organic search.

How do you increase brand awareness and leads for a software startup in the UK?


The software company had yet to find product market fit, which meant that there was a wide range of possibilities of potential customers.

But, with limited resources and a high cost per click (and competition) among target keywords, the company didn’t have the luxury of spending across all areas to reach a place of product market fit.

In addition, brand awareness was next to none and most potential customers were overseas in the United States.

So how does a small software startup with a couple of engaged, part-time employees on a .cloud domain increase SaaS leads?


Our solution was to piggyback off of competitor success.

Since the software company didn’t have brand awareness and hadn’t achieved product market fit, our strategy was to position them as an alternative to already successful competitors.

To do this, we developed content that targeted the pain points customers had with other solutions on the market. If one competitor didn’t offer a feature, but it was something our software startup client could do, we targeted that solution via content and organic search.

We also created content that would directly suggest “alternatives” to competitors, and promoted the content through Digital PR.


As with any new startup website, SEO was a slow go in the beginning. It took time to establish domain authority for a .cloud domain (instead of a .com). But that authority came through a slow, continuous backlink building campaign that continues to steadily attract referring domains.

As referring domains built up, so did the brand of the software company. That’s when our “alternative” content for competitors started to gain traction. Gradually, organic traffic picked up and went from “0” to 300+ organic search visits per month – mainly from frustrated customers of competitors.

Little by little, our software company client was able to grow their business through organic, inbound leads. They found product market fit. Through SaaS SEO, the software gradually found its way to organizations across the globe.

“We’ve had a really great experience with Markitors. They have helped us build our marketing from nothing.”

– Marketing & Sales, Boutique Hotel