industrial recycling company increases leads


An industrial recycling company was looking to attract more commercial recycling customers.

Not just the average business with a few cardboard boxes. No, this recycling company wanted to attract large customers with multi-thousand foot facilities and ongoing recycling needs.

Would that be possible through SEO?


To be honest, we had never had an industrial recycling client. This was our first rodeo, and we were concerned about a couple of  things before jumping at the opportunity.

  • Does anyone search for industrial recycling related terms online?
  • Could our client realistically rank for target keywords to generate new leads?

Fortunately, the answer to both of these questions was a “yes.” The client had 20+ years of experience in industrial recycling with a domain name that had been around almost equally as long.

And to our surprise, there is a whole world of keyword possibilities when it comes to industrial recycling. As long as we could speak the language, we felt we could dominate an  industry that doesn’t prioritize SEO marketing.


As mentioned above, industrial recycling companies don’t exactly prioritize SEO (search engine optimization).

This left our company with a lot of possibilities to help our client increase their visibility online.

Where we started was creating “services” pages. Moving from just an “icon” to a 500 word landing page was a good start.

Once we covered everything from commercial cardboard recycling to commercial foam recycling services, we moved on to more localized landing pages and blogs.

Collectively, producing content that targeted specific customer needs and promoting the content via Digital PR gave us just what we needed.


Here’s what we did.

  • 3x year over year growth with organic search traffic based on blog post creation and SEO optimization of WordPress website 
  • First page Google search results for “industrial recycling services” + “recycling companies in arizona”
  • Average of 5 new customer inquiries

Here’s the graph that shows positive growth in both organic search traffic and keywords:

While the traffic numbers may not be large, the visitors are valuable.

Who knew that lead generation for an industrial recycling company would be successful?

“Receiving inbound calls and demo requests monthly from facilities managers helped produce a nice ROI on our marketing spend.”

– President, Industrial Recycling Company