Making Cheap Printing Easy: an Interview with Eric Blumenthal, CEO of

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We recently caught up with Eric Blumenthal, the CEO of, to learn more about how and why he started the Tennessee-based company. provides cheap printing services online. Here’s a look at what Eric had to say about printing services online

1. What’s the story behind (when, where, why and how did you all get started? is an internet only printing company that arose out of a terrific team brainstorming session in 2009. Our concept is to offer simple, low cost printing to individuals and companies nationwide. We simplified the print ordering process by making proofs happen instantly online, mostly offering a range of standard paper stocks, and speeding up the whole process. It took two years to go from idea to our first working website. In 2011, was born! Since that time, we have upgraded our online capabilities, product offering and website several times. Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding printed product at an extremely low price!

2. What makes stand out from other printing companies?

Our concept and our people are what separate us from other printing companies. is a highly automated printing company which focuses on simple printing projects. That being said, we still do some custom quotes and specialty printing, and we have both large customers and small ones. In addition, our team is what truly differentiates us. We have an extremely experienced team with deep industry knowledge who have been working together for decades. So, although we are a start up, we bring our high level experience to each and every job. We also understand that our success is driven by the happiness of each customer with every job we produce.

3. What kinds of customers do you work with?

We love working with a wide variety of customers including businesses (large and small), franchise organizations, churches and other religious groups, non-profits, designers, realtors and schools. We have produced and shipped orders all over the United States (including Hawaii) and have even filled orders for customers in the Caribbean and Canada. In terms of the types of things we print, in addition to posters, flyers, business cards, note cards and forms, we also produce warranty documents for manufacturers, drama programs, labels, achievement certificates and more! We are always open to new opportunities!

4. What piece of advice would you give to someone interested in getting something printed?

This is a great question! I always advise people with a printing project to start with the end in mind. Think about who your intended audience is and the purpose of the communication. Your printing is one element of your image, and you should present a consistent, high quality image in order for your company or organization to succeed. Lastly, if you need help, get professional design assistance. Your design is at least as important as the printing itself. If you need design help, has a team of professional designers. Just ask!

5. Why are you committed to green printing at

The team at cares about the environment! In addition to our corporate commitment, reducing waste and running an efficient operation just makes good business sense. To lessen our environmental footprint, we have invested in the latest digital technology. Our modern digital equipment has extremely low power requirements, and uses biodegradable toner. In our offset printing department, we use a “chemistry free” plate machine which produces no toxic chemicals. We use paper efficiently, lowering the cost of the work and minimizing waste. We also have active and ongoing recycling programs for paper and for metal plates used in offset printing. Finally, we have made a conscious decision to offer many standard papers on which have recycled content (post consumer waste)…that way, people are doing the right thing without even realizing it!

6. How do you keep prices low for customers?

Automation and simplicity are the key to low pricing for customers. We run every job efficiently, getting the most number of images to fit on a sheet of paper. We minimize unnecessary paperwork and processes in our internal operations. At, we avoid complex jobs that are not a good fit for us. This eliminates unnecessary time spent researching jobs that we will not be efficient at producing. We understand our costs well and we know that our national marketplace demands efficient and competitive printing!

To learn more about’s services, visit and follow the company on Facebook! 

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