Client Edits: Help Us, Help You

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In order to make content that is both compatible with the internet and appropriate for your brand, we need your help! That is why Markitors invites all our clients to review and approve each piece of content before it goes live on your site. We hope that by inviting you into the content creation process, we can create pieces that provide true value and attract new customers to your brand.

So, what feedback are our writers and editors looking for? Well before tackling that question, it is important to consider the true purpose of the blogs and landing pages we create. When it comes to getting a blog to rank on the first page of Google, there are certain guidelines that must be followed. For example, when writing for the internet, authors should ensure they are not writing above a middle school level. That means short sentences, digestible language, and lots of transitions! To learn more about these guidelines, check out our web writing style guide

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get back to why you’re here: edits! Our team welcomes all edits related to grammar, branding, and industry knowledge. By providing clear, actionable, and repeatable feedback, you can help our team, help you


Although this seems like a no brainer, grammar is a very important element of every article. Each piece of content goes through an extensive in-house editing process before it is delivered to you, but there may be mistakes we miss! If you ever find a typo or any punctuation mistakes, please let us know. Not only will we correct it right away, but we will also ensure our editing team looks out for them in the future. Furthermore, if you have preferences about which grammar style our team follows (e.g. the oxford comma) simply inform us! As long as this type of language and punctuation is consistent across all mediums, we are happy to write in this style. Never forget, consistency is key

Branding Guidelines

Nothing gets us more excited than having a brand guide! We welcome all guidelines that pertain to voice, style, and tone. At the end of the day, we want our content to align with your company’s persona! With that said, we also think it is important to understand that it may take an article or two to really nail down these aspects. Our writers often get their research from the current language on your site, so if you are looking for something different provide us with some sample pieces!

One unfortunate side to outsourcing is that articles won’t always be written the way you would personally write them. That is why we ask clients to not make edits based on personal preference, as edits of this nature are difficult for our team to learn and grow from. Check out the example below

Industry Knowledge

Although our authors always perform in-depth research before they begin drafting each piece of content, they are not experts in every industry. Lucky for us, you know your industry backward & forwards! If you see areas where our authors can add statistics, industry research, or general facts about your services/products just let us know. Not only do these pieces of information add more credibility to our work, but they also create great linking opportunities! 

On the other hand, if you would like to give us information to include in a piece before we start drafting it, please do! Before we begin any strategy, we send our clients a full content calendar in the form of an editable spreadsheet. Here, you can link to any resources you may want our authors to include or reference in each piece


There you have it! By ensuring your edits revolve around these three areas, you can help our team create content you will be proud to have on the first page of Google. So what are you waiting for? Hop into that Google Doc I just shared with you, and let’s make some magic!

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