Email Marketing Audit

Evaluate your email marketing performance.

An email marketing audit is an analysis of critical components that can impact a company’s email marketing results.

Markitors evaluates these critical email marketing components to deliver a prioritized action plan to help a company improve their email marketing efforts.

These days though, most financial services professionals recognize they need to reach as many potential clients as possible—and that means digital marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the crux of any successful digital marketing strategy. SEO agencies have a number of services that are perfect for financial services companies and meet all regulatory requirements. These include:

  • High-quality SEO Content
  • Digital PR and White Hat Backlinking
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Monthly Reports

Here are the critical components that we evaluate in an email audit:

  • Subject Lines: How your email subject lines impact your performance.
  • Sender Name: How you build trust with subscribers.
  • Personalization: How your emails are relevant to subscribers.
  • Body Copy: How your emails are concise and compelling.
  • Image How your images attract a subscriber’s attention.
  • Call To Action What drives subscribers to click and convert.
  • Mobile Optimization: How your emails appear on mobile devices.
  • Frequency: How often you should send emails to subscribers.
  • Send Time: Best times and days to send emails.
  • Automation: How automation is engaging and servicing subscribers.

This article we wrote in Huffington Post goes into detail around these questions.

Here are some additional Email audit questions we ask ourselves during the process:

  • Does the email campaign template display correctly on mobile devices?
  • Are email campaigns going straight to spam folders?
  • Which campaigns have the highest and lowest open rates?
  • Does the company A/B test subject lines?
  • Does the company use localization or personalization in subject lines?
  • Are subject lines short (50 characters or fewer)?
  • Is the sender name consistent?
  • What percentage of the list has values for different data fields?
  • What are the commonalities within the content for campaigns with the highest click through rates?
  • Is plain text or display email format producing the best results?
  • Are images obliterating inboxes?
  • Which calls to action are producing the best results?
  • How do your emails appear on mobile devices?
  • What about on email applications like Outlook versus Gmail?
  • Are there any duplicate content issues in the form of page titles, meta descriptions and target keywords?
  • How often are emails sent to subscribers?
  • What are the best times and days to send emails to subscribers?
  • How can you maximize your resources to execute an email strategy?

Those are just a few of the questions we look to answer in an email marketing audit.

Email marketing audits are a lot more interesting than the financial audits we used to do. You see, we were financial auditors, skilled and trained to identify inaccuracies in financial documents. This training produced an innate ability to quickly recognize where companies were missing the mark. We decided to apply these auditing skills to email marketing, and quickly found out that we were good at it. Specifically, we were really good at auditing competitor marketing efforts, reverse engineering their success, and identifying opportunities for our clients to capitalize. We offer Email audits because companies find a lot of value in our service, and we enjoy helping businesses succeed online.

Our independent email marketing audits typically cost $2,500 and have a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks.

Aggregated Email Marketing Tools

Markitors aggregates the top email marketing tools into one concise email audit.

Prioritized Action Items

Markitors organizes your action items into high, medium and low priorities so you know where to focus first.

Organized Presentation

The end deliverables of an audit are a PDF report, supporting statistical documents and a GoToMeeting presentation to answer your questions.

Quick Turnaround

From the time we get access to your account, you can expect the audit to be complete within 1-2 weeks.

1. We’re MailChimp experts. We’ve completed more than 100 email projects for companies on 4 continents over the span of 6 years. There’s not a lot we haven’t seen when it comes to email marketing.

2. We’re former financial auditors. We know how to audit and identify areas of weakness.

3. We’re independent auditors, meaning that we can give it to you straight without having to worry about signing you as a client. This is a one-time transaction with a lot of truth behind it.

Our typical turnaround time on a email marketing audit is 2-3 weeks.

Our process includes a kick-off call to learn your marketing objectives. Then we audit. Then we deliver our findings in a PDF report and a presentation to the team to ensure complete clarity on our recommendations.

How We Do It

1. Strategize

We audit all the activity and data within your account and develop an email automation strategy.

2. Build

We’ll build out the email templates, centralize your lists, and integrate your CRM with MailChimp.

3. Deliver

We’ll develop the actual email campaign sequences, set up the triggers, and activate the automation.

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We’ve been MailChimp experts for 7+ years. There’s not a lot we haven’t seen when it comes to email marketing.

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