15 Best Email Marketing Blogs You Need To Be Following

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Blogs are a great resource for learning about dynamic topics such as email marketing. And when blogs are by digital marketers, for digital marketers, they are sure to provide vast inspiration for your own email marketing campaigns.

Here are the 15 best email marketing blogs to follow:


Constant Contact

The email marketing category of the Constant Contact blog is updated quite frequently, typically twice a week or more. The blog features interesting content about ways digital marketers can fine-tune their email campaigns. An example is how to use Facebook to grow your subscriber list.


Duct Tape Marketing

The Duct Tape Marketing blog features content from a number of contributors, including John Jantsch, founder of the company. While not all the posts are about email specifically, the blog provides a wealth of marketing insight covering topics that can be applied to any digital marketing campaign.



The Econsultancy blog posts often take on an international digital marketing perspective. This is a perfect resource for interesting trends in marketing from around the world. The blog covers several topics but focuses especially on email marketing and social media platforms.


Email Monday

Marketing consultant Jordie van Rijn shares a great deal of expertise on his email marketing blog, and dives into technical topics such as ROI calculations and mobile email statistics. He also shares personal insights about digital marketing that are worth reading.



The email portion of the sleek ExactTarget blog is segmented into deliverability, design, list growth, strategy, and trends. The trends category can be valuable for marketers who want to keep up with email subscribers’ needs and wants.



The GetResponse blog features articles by a variety of contributors, and new content is posted several times a week. This blog goes deep into technical topics but also goes back to basics with subjects like how to create an effective email signature.


HubSpot Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of several topics covered in the HubSpot marketing blog. The email marketing posts often include real-life examples of effective and ineffective strategies. HubSpot is overall a diverse source of information for digital marketers.



The Litmus blog is updated often – even several times a week – with interesting content about email marketing. This is one of the best email marketing blogs to cater to all levels of marketer expertise, covering basics as well as advanced topics.



Mailchimp, a forerunner in the email marketing industry, provides a great deal of relevant information and tips for those getting their feet wet in email marketing. The Mailchimp blog is especially useful for those using the company’s services.



The Mailigen email marketing blog shares several tactics that help digital strategists get the most from their email campaigns. Posts are straight to the point and tend to provide information that can be applied to any email service.



Posts on the MyEmma blog cover an array of interesting, specific topics. Here you can learn how universities use email to recruit or what goes in an effective correction message. This is one of the best email marketing blogs for out-of-the-box inspiration.



Vero’s blog provides content that leans toward a creative approach to email marketing. The blog also features several tips to improve and fine-tune your business’ existing marketing strategy.



The VerticalReponse blog covers a diverse array of marketing topics, from email marketing to breaking news, non-profit marketing to social media, and everything in between. You’re sure to find plenty of information in any category that interests you.



The WhatCounts blog is specific to email marketing, with dozens of subcategories to browse through, from deliverability to subject lines to analytics. This is one of the best email marketing blogs for anyone who is looking for a thorough focus on email.



The Markitors blog consistently features useful content for all your digital marketing needs, including email. From general tips to niche advice, we are a great resource for information regarding all aspects of email marketing. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your email campaign.



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