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Grow your list and deliver valuable content with custom email campaigns.
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What if Google moves you to page 2? What if Facebook continues to limit the reach of your posts? What if Twitter shows you the fail whale?

When you rely on other marketing platforms to reach your customers, you play by their rules. Email gives you direct communication with your customers and frees you of the dependency on other marketing channels for your success.

The best way to control your destiny for your business is to build and grow your email marketing efforts.

Managing email marketing campaigns have been the #1 way we’ve helped clients grow over the years. We’ve A/B tested subject lines and built campaigns for companies of all different shapes and sizes. Clients ranging from a high end apparel company to an international airline to a commercial real estate powerhouse have all trusted us to manage their email marketing efforts.

Needless to say we have some experience with email marketing and can share exactly how to grow your list and increase revenues through email marketing campaigns.

There are many advanced things about email marketing that you can get hung up on but we're going to share a few of our beliefs.

Here's what we know to be true about our email marketing campaign services.

The list is key. The best way to be an effective email marketer is to build and grow your email list.

Consistently deliver valuable content. People don't subscribe to a list because they want more email. They subscribe because they believe you'll deliver them something valuable.

A/B test the subject line. After millions of email sends, we've learned the most important part of any email campaign is the subject line.

Good copy increases clicks. It doesn't matter whether you're sending HTML email campaigns or plain text. The copy is what convinces a subscriber to click.

Profit is what matters. There are email marketing campaign services who will get you really high open and click through rates. If you're not making money from your email campaigns, it's time to pause your sends and rethink the strategy.

Our email campaign services include:

  • Growing Your Email List
  • Creating and Customizing Email Newsletters
  • Sending Your Campaign and Ensuring Delivery
  • Tracking Campaigns and Monitoring Reports
  • Setting Up Email Automation Campaigns
  • Reporting on the results on a monthly or a per campaign basis

MailChimp. We have experience working with other email campaign platforms, but MailChimp has been our favorite platform for 6+ years. Here's why.

There was a poll recently for small businesses who had used both MailChimp and Constant Contact platforms at one point, and 75% of them preferred MailChimp. We find that MailChimp's user interface is cleaner, the customer support is amazing, and pricing is more affordable.

Plus, the MailChimp community is filled with people like us. Entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers. We like working with those types of people.

Sorry, Markitors is an email marketing agency that offers email campaigns as a service. We charge $250 per email campaign, and prefer to engage in relationships on an ongoing, monthly agreement.

Several steps.

  • Step 1: We audit your existing email campaign results
  • Step 2: We create two responsive email campaigns based on your results and our experience
  • Step 3: We make two rounds of revisions based on your feedback
  • Step 4: A/B test both templates and determine winner

Here is an article we wrote for Forbes about our approach to email:

Here's a list of email campaign ideas:

  • Special Offer - limited time discount
  • Social Proof - testimonials, case studies
  • Solution Introduction - describe the problem, present the solution
  • Best Sellers - present your top selling products in an inbox
  • Clearance - present the items that need to move fast
  • Brand Story - why your business exists
  • Feature Article - an article your subscribers would find valuable
  • Product Release - your latest and greatest
  • Thank You - show gratitude, for any reason
  • Survey Request - get some customer insight
  • Cross Sell - other products and services that can be enjoyed
  • Big Announcements - news, build-ups...something to get people excited
  • Lots more...

Those are a few different email campaign ideas that should help develop a strategy.

1. Contact us.

2. We'll send you our agreement, access requests, and initial invoice.

3. We'll develop our strategy and present to you.

4. Upon strategy approval, we'll build out the email campaign.

5. Upon email campaign approval, we'll send out the campaign and report on the results within 24-48 hours.

How we do it

Digital Marketing Company

1. Strategize

We audit your past emails and develop an email strategy based on previous results.


2. Build

We build out the email campaigns and make two rounds of revisions.


3. Deliver

We send out the email campaign and report on the results within 24 – 48 hours.

Ready to get started?

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