Entry-Level Jobs for English Majors? Try Digital Marketing!

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Looking for entry-level jobs for English majors right out of college? 

You’ve probably considered jobs like teaching, copywriting, and editing, but have you thought about digital marketing? Few people know this, but digital marketing jobs are actually ideal for English majors. 

But which digital marketing jobs are ideal for English majors looking for an entry-level position? Read on to find out!

Digital Marketing Entry Level Jobs for English Majors

SEO Content Writer

SEO Content Writers use keyword research to create articles and blog posts for companies’ websites, helping those companies rank higher on Google. Some SEO Content Writers work for one business, writing content for only one client. Other writers, however, may work for a marketing company or as a freelancer, providing SEO marketing and writing services to many businesses at once.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is not generally taught in colleges or Universities. Rather, it’s a skillset people must learn on the job or through online courses. Therefore, the only thing you need to be an SEO Content Writer is to be a good writer. As long as you can deliver great content, many companies will teach you SEO on the job.

How does SEO copywriting work? The process involves keyword research and creating quality content with those keywords. That way, Google can see that the website you write for has content that is relevant to the site itself. Google thus considers the site as beneficial and reliable and will rank the site higher in search engines as a result. In the end, this brings more traffic to businesses.

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary of an SEO Content Writer is $48,729/year.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketor’s main job is connecting a company’s brand to audiences through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. This might include posting videos, pictures, or text updates. Additionally, it may include advertising new pieces of content posted on a company’s website, encouraging people to read the article or check out a product.

Overall, this job is for individuals who have great communication skills and an exceptional knack for writing -both professionally and on social media.

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary of a Social Media Marketing professional is $54,115/year

Email Marketing

Email Marketing involves creating and sending out email campaigns to promote a product or service. The Email Marketor’s job is to determine the type of audience to attract, devise, and design an email campaign that targets that audience, and ultimately create leads for a business.

This job is perfect for creative English majors. If someone catches a typo in your promotional email, they may see the business as underqualified or not professional. Likewise, if the campaign doesn’t catch the audience’s attention with some creative hook, they are unlikely even to open the email at all. If you are talented enough to come up with new marketing ideas and have the ability to write them well, this may be the job for you!

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary of an Email Marketing professional is $60,913/year.

Ad Writer

Ad Writers, otherwise known as advertising copywriters, work closely with graphic designers or other graphic creators, to create effective advertising campaigns. In other words, as an Ad Writer, you are in charge of the written text on the ad and how it relates to the accompanying visual. You may come up with slogans, phrases, or tweets for TV commercials, online advertising, or even radio ads.

Similarly to Email Markitors, Ad Writers need to be creative as well as effective writers. They should know how to catch people’s attention in only a few words. This job takes a lot of skill, but many companies are willing to take on entry-level personnel to learn the trade.

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for an Ad Writer is $80,552/year.

Digital Marketing and Writing

Few people realize how important writing is in the digital marketing world. So if you are looking for entry-level jobs for English majors, why not start there? The best part about digital marketing is you always have room to learn and grow within a company, giving you the training you need to attain even higher-level jobs in the future!

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