7 Examples of Google and Facebook Ads

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How have you used Google or Facebook ads to boost your consulting business?

To help you use Google or Facebook ads to boost your consulting business, we asked HR professionals and business leaders this question for their best advice. From local keyword insights to identifying niche target audiences, there are several tips that may help you to utilize Google or Facebook ads to boost your consulting business.

Here are seven tips for using Google or Facebook ads to boost your consulting business:

  • Secure The Brand Name
  • Local Keyword Insights
  • Advertising Our Free Downloadable Guide
  • Lead Magnet With A Landing Page
  • Driving Traffic To Our Company’s “Modus Vivendi”
  • Identifying Niche Target Audiences
  • Understanding Our Popular Audience

Secure The Brand Name

Consider taking out a Google ad to appear for a branded search term like the name of your consulting company. We did this for our knowledge platform, Terkel. Because we did not rank organically when you searched “terkel,” we decided to take out an exact match Google ad to help drive visibility through search. The exact match worked! Our click-through rate has been close to 30-40%, showing Google that our quality score matches with search intent. If you don’t rank organically for your brand, buy it in Google.

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Local Keyword Insights

We use Google Ads for all of our digital marketing services. It gives our company “marketplace keyword data” both in volume (most used or impressions) and engagement (most clicks). It tells us what keywords people use the most to communicate on a common level as well as what transactional keywords are converting the most to the website. If you’re not using Google Ads to understand what terms and phrases locals are using to find your business service(s) or product(s), there is no better way than to use Google Ads for a few dollars a day to always be aware of what the market wants and to pivot your marketing efforts accordingly in real-time.

Patrick Menzel, Internal Profits, LLC

Advertising Our Free Downloadable Guide

We ran Facebook ads to get tourism/travel business operators and managers to download our free guide to accessible travel & tourism; the guide contains quick wins that these groups could implement. Facebook allows great targeting so we could send targeted traffic to the landing page.

Dale Reardon, Travel For All

Lead Magnet With A Landing Page

For my consulting business, I created a lead magnet (eBooks collection of my greatest insights) and a landing page promoting that eBook. I then run Facebook Ads to target people who like my page, my competitor’s page, with interest in gardening (my consulting niche). Make sure to place a Facebook pixel on your landing page, so you could run a retargeting campaign to follow your audience. Most people would not convert the first time, either they are busy or not in the mood. A retargeting campaign is sure to increase your conversion rate.

Jill Sandy, Constant Delights

Driving Traffic To Our Company’s “Modus Vivendi”

I used single image Facebook ads to drive traffic to my top-of-funnel page that outlined the modus vivendi (Latin for way of life) of my consulting business. The visits didn’t convert well, and I learned that my audiences are difficult to target on Facebook. On the plus side, the increased traffic helped me rank faster for niche buyer keywords that brought clients later on.

Michael Sena, Senacea

Identifying Niche Target Audiences

Google and Facebook ads can make the world of difference when boosting your clientele and online audience. I have used targeted advertising in the past, which allows me to specify particular demographics I feel my business will have the greatest success with. Because I offer cyber security solutions to remote locations across the country, my ads are less targeted towards one area or another and more so towards a select age, income, and lifestyle. Ads on Google and Facebook have allowed me to produce results unlike traditional media, and I would recommend their ad services for any eCommerce or tech-related remote business.

Heinrich Long, Restore Privacy

Understanding Our Popular Audience

Facebook ads are the backbone of my digital marketing strategy. Without it, I would have never been able to appeal to such great masses while seeing where I could expand my network. One of my favorite things about Facebook ads is the analytics they provide in helping me understand who my most popular audiences are and how well certain ads do in certain areas. After every month, I take time out to stop low operating ads and replace them with new ads I think will work better. I also use that time to plan for the next couple of months. With a click of a button, I get to sit back and watch Facebook do its thing in advertising.

Manny Vetti, Back Taxes Help, LLC

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