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The majority of your email subscribers don’t open your emails. Expand your reach by targeting your email subscribers with Facebook ads.

Facebook has a feature called custom audiences that allows you to show ads to people on your email list.

The steps are simple.

1. Upload an email list.

2. Facebook will match each email address with a user profile.

3. Create and run ads to the matching users.

Pretty cool right?

What’s even cooler is that these ads are highly effective and won’t break your budget. Since it’s a highly targeted form of advertising, the audience size is limited while the cost per impression is about what you’d pay just for any old Facebook ad.

The majority of your email subscribers don’t open your emails, meaning they aren’t seeing your marketing messages.

Remarketing on Facebook enables you to reach more of your audience.

Just think about it. If your average email has an open rate of 20%, then 80% of your audience didn’t see the message.

If an email campaign is worth sending to subscribers, then it’s probably advertising to them on Facebook too.

Let’s go through the steps.

Upload an email list to Facebook.

You can take any email list – one that you’ve bought or built – and Facebook will advertise to those email addresses if there is a match.

Unlike most email providers, which say that any email list that is bought or scraped can’t be used – Facebook allows these lists to be uploaded and advertised to.

Facebook matches the email addresses to user profiles.

Facebook email retargeting is much more effective for B2C companies than B2B organizations, and here’s why.

After you upload your email list, Facebook will search it’s database and match those addresses to a user profile. Most Facebook users have signed up using their personal address, and not their company email address. Since most B2B companies have lists with “professional” email addresses – ie [email protected] – B2C companies will usually have a wider custom audience match rate and reach with their campaign.

But, that’s not to say B2B companies can’t have success with a Facebook email retargeting campaign. In our experience, some of our B2B clients have been able to reach quality users for a fraction of their normal advertising tactics.

Create and run ads to the matching users

Facebook Retargeting ads are especially good when combined with other forms of marketing – especially cold calls.

One of our clients saw a 400% increase in returned calls after they began their email retargeting campaign.

The client attributed this higher return call rate strictly to their Facebook advertising campaign, because it suddenly put their brand in front of them.

If you want one extra touch point for customers – whether it’s for a cold call or an email – Facebook retargeting is an incredibly useful way to increase the likelihood that a potential customer will return your correspondence.

A Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers.

In other words, you know that email list you’ve been cultivating over the years? A Lookalike Audience will take all of your email subscribers, find people on Facebook who share traits with your customers – like location, age, gender and interests — and add them to an entirely new audience.

Lookalike Audiences on Facebook are a great way to reach more people who are similar to your current customers.

Yes, there is a Facebook custom audience minimum size.

The minimum number of matched contacts needed to create a custom audience is 20.

However, we’ve found that our clients avoid delivery issues when their email list has a minimum of 1,000 matched contacts.

Competition for Facebook ads is high, and sometimes Facebook requires larger audiences to achieve more meaningful reach.

Short answer: the bigger the list size, the more reach and success you’ll have with Facebook email retargeting.

How We Do It

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2. Build

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3. Deliver

We’ll develop the actual email campaign sequences, set up the triggers, and activate the automation.

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