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Financial Institution Search Engine Optimization Help

hotel financing institution gets some SEO assistance


“How do we get more Brad’s?”

‘Brad’ was a hotel developer who had recently financed the development of several hotel chains on the West Coast. Brad had discovered this Phoenix-based financial institution online. Now, sitting in the conference room of the financial institution, the team wanted to know how they could better leverage search engines to get connected to more lucrative deals.

Fortunately, we had a few ideas that would lead to more Brad’s.


The financial institution was facing a few minor challenges to enjoying search engine success: ranking for competitive keywords and getting their website together.

For SEO to work, the website needs to act as a solid foundation. Before starting SEO work, some Technical SEO issues needed to be addressed so search engines could better trust the domain.

After search engines could easily crawl, discover, and index the site, then it was time to start the journey of ranking for the term, “hotel financing company.”

Just what Brad searched for. Only problem, more authoritative competitors currently ranked for target terms. We’d need good content and a little Digital PR to boost our chances of success.


We determined that the search intent of Brad was to find “many” hotel financing companies. Brad didn’t select just one company to work with. He wanted to find many, weigh his options, whittle down the list, and eventually choose a winner.

To satisfy search intent, we created content that listed several financing companies. This way, both search engines and Brad would be satisfied with the content.


Alas, after publishing the content and promoting via Digital PR, the content achieved first page rankings.

And, more Brads.

We didn’t stop there. The formula kept getting rinsed and repeated until more than 100 keywords ranked on the first page of search results (with many achieving a coveted featured snippet).

Here’s a graph detailing the SEO journey.

The fun part for a financial institution (and a SEO firm) is to see the value of the inbound traffic (beyond leads). Here’s a graph that illustrates the equivalent value of the organic search traffic, should that traffic have been acquired via PPC.

That’s good value. We went from $303 of traffic value to more than $5,000 per month.

This traffic has led to some lucrative hotel, modular, and solar financing deals with “Brad’s” across the US.

“The team has been great and we are very happy with the relationship. Glad we found you guys.”

– Executive Vice President, Hotel Financing Company