9 Fitness Blog Topics to Bulk Up Your SEO

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If you ran a fitness blog, what is one topic you would write about to increase SEO?

To help you find good topics to increase SEO on your fitness blog, we asked this question to fitness leaders and SEO experts for their best tips. From at home workouts to nutrition tips, there are several great blog ideas that may help you figure out what can increase SEO on your fitness site.

Here are nine topics that could increase SEO for your fitness blog:

  • Dumbbell-Only Home Workouts
  • Research What Others Are Asking
  • Write About Particular Diets
  • Health Journey And Personal Experiences
  • How To Do A HIIT Workout At Home
  • How To Boost Fitness During COVID-19
  • Exercises To Do While Watching Netflix
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Five Shoes To Workout In

Dumbbell-Only Home Workouts

With so many individuals still working out at home, I think many individuals are trying to find ways to stay lean and healthy without access to the equipment they are used to. Some great blog topics could be “Home Workouts With Limited Equipment” or “Dumbbell Only Home Workouts”. Consider adding short videos throughout these articles to demonstrate proper form and help individuals who are new to these exercises.

Nikitha Lokareddy, Markitors

Research What Others Are Asking

To find the perfect topic to write about to increase SEO, I would begin by using tools such as answerthepublic.com and keywordtool.io. These free tools take a look at what people are already searching for on Google and give you suggestions of keywords to target. By meeting your audience where they are, this gives you content ideas that will also increase your SEO.

Niki Ramirez, HRAnswers.org

Write About Particular Diets

In a world where everyone is everywhere, to stand out you need to be unique. If everyone in your industry is talking in a certain way and a specific thing, do something different. For fitness, I would look at either writing about a very specific niche aspect of fitness, such as a particular diet or approach to fitness, or focus on similar and complementary sectors that are less saturated but tie in with fitness, and give a fresh or different perspective on this.

Doug Dennison, MailNinja

Health Journey And Personal Experiences

As someone who has a blog, the hottest topics and those with the highest ratings are those I share from my own personal experience, like my battle with Lyme disease. I believe people seek support from those who have walked the same path. Whatever obstacle you have faced, share it! People don’t want just the victories but the struggle so that they know they aren’t alone. By sharing your story, you encourage others to fight the good fight… that they, too, can overcome.

Lorraine Bossé-Smith, Concept One LLC

How To Do A HIIT Workout At Home

Something that can really help you get more organic traffic is to see what people are searching for by using tools such as Answer the Public and Google Trends. Articles like “How to Do a HIIT Workout at Home” or “What is a HIIT Workout?” that help serve user search intent can do wonders. Just don’t forget to include keywords in your headers, title tags, meta descriptions, image tags, and more.

Sarah Blocksidge, Sixth City Marketing

How To Boost Fitness During COVID-19

YouTube has many excellent fitness videos you can watch and use for exercise. Using a Zoom link, you can share your screen and exercise with friends and family. Since this is a timely topic, people are searching for ways to stay fit. Even in states that have eased restrictions, people are still reluctant to go to the public gym. Use a keyword tool to ensure you have a timely fitness topic like how to stay fit during COVID. The tool also tells you if you can beat the online competition for readership.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging Academy

Exercises To Do While Watching Netflix

I would write about exercises you can do while watching Netflix. Chances are that many people in your audience binge watch shows in the evening or on weekends. You can share exercises like couch crunches and living room lunges that they can do while they watch. I recommend writing a medium-length article with big and clear headlines for the best results. You can also include GIFs or videos of the movements for added engagement.

Melissa Kelly, Virtual Team Building

Nutrition Tips

You know your audience better than we do, but if you’re struggling for some inspiration, one of the most popular topics that should help you raise your SEO ranking is discussing nutrition tips. This is because no matter if you’re a meat-chomping powerlifter or a vegan-inclined yogi, proper nutrition is essential to make the most of training. There’s so much poor and conflicting information in the fitness industry about weight loss and body composition. Cut through the noise by sharing your best recipes, tips, and nutritional advice, and watch your readership shoot through the roof.

Caroline Lee, CocoSign

Five Shoes To Workout In

When you’re creating an article, don’t just write about something you can easily search on the web. You want to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other blogs within your same niche. Instead of writing about how to do a power clean, write about things people search for every day: products! Write blog posts relating to the top 5 shoes to workout in or the top 5 athletic-wear brands. When people search for these products, you’ll pull up too.

Tim Denman, ServGrow

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