We’re Hiring: Head of Learning & Development

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learning and development
#1 SEO Company for Small Businesses.
Table of Contents

We are looking for a Head of Learning & Development.

Markitors is an SEO company for small businesses. Our mission is to connect small businesses with customers…and to have a good time doing it! Our vision is to become the nation’s largest locally focused SEO company. We are looking for a leader to help build the best company culture by focusing on learning and development. 

Key Objectives

  • Create new revenue stream by developing an SEO training product for small businesses  
  • Create talent pipeline by developing an ongoing internship training program
  • Reduce onboarding times for new employees and new clients
  • Establish Markitors as the #1 SEO company in the US for small businesses through thought leadership

In other words, success in this role will be measured by revenue from SEO training, number of interns who turn into full-time hires at Markitors, as well as the increase in employee capacity and client trust through an internal and external educational onboarding process. 

Why You Are The Best Person In The World For This Role

  • 4.0 GPA & Personality 
  • GMAT / PhD / Professor Aspirations
  • You know SEO in and out
  • You love and care about small business (including, our small business) 
  • You’ve experienced starts and stops of a Learning & Development program to know what works, what doesn’t, and what has potential but needs further development
  • Impeccable communication skills, both internally and externally

Main Responsibilities 

You’ll live learning and development. You have risen through the ranks at an SEO agency, worked in the trenches of a L&D program, and ideally grew up around a family-owned small business (or at least, have a strong connection to small business). Living through these experiences have prepared you to lead our learning and development with the following responsibilities. 

  • Oversee product development for DIY SEO training product by being the bridge between internal software engineering team and small business owners 
  • Develop personalized learning and development program for full-time employees using a standardized, but customizable format
  • Lead all new hire orientations 
  • Work in conjunction with VP of Operations for SMART goal setting for all employees so that goals support company objectives and appropriately tie back to compensation
  • Develop learning and development program for new small business clients and interface with Client Services team to ensure proper execution during client onboarding process
  • Lead academic research studies in conjunction with University of Arizona and other university partners

Other Responsibilities 

  • Pursue data-driven research studies with our partners at Mailchimp, GoDaddy, Ahrefs, Calendly, Paypal, American Express, and more
  • Host webinars with brands like Calendly, GoDaddy, Mailchimp, and more
  • Produce videos on SEO (think Sam Oh of Ahrefs) for Markitors.com and for external social media channels like YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the Facebook
  • Continuously source and test SEO training materials
  • Interface with Director of SEO Content to target search queries that can build an inflow of organic traffic for DIY SEO small businesses
  • Collaborate with Digital PR team to distribute learnings about SEO from research studies to help establish Markitors as a SEO thought leader
  • Attend and speak at the best SEO conferences around the world
  • Lead community workshops on SEO
  • Conduct customer interviews weekly to develop SEO training product with an emphasis on lean development practices
  • Bring SOPs and internal training materials to life outside of Google Docs
  • Periodically assist with high value recruiting efforts on college campuses
  • Obtain a board seat with university marketing department
  • Play mentee to some of the best L&D experts
  • Get super Googley with things like Google patent reviews (think SEO By The Sea) to help our company innovate on the latest things within SEO
  • Lead legal process in our pursuit of our own patents and trademarks
  • In 10 years, write a book (if people still read them) about how you helped develop the best company culture by fostering an environment centered around learning and development

The Specifics

Still reading? Curious about what a day to day looks like? Here’s an average day.

  • Lead an educational session, whether it’s an orientation, workshop, video, or another way of sharing information. A target is to fill each day with a little “giving” – about 20% – while the majority of the day is spent learning so that you can give the right information
  • Conduct a customer interview with a small business to facilitate product development
  • Conduct an employee interview to better understand learning objectives
  • Internal meeting with one key stakeholder (VP of Operations, Client Services, Director of SEO Content, Digital PR Manager) to check progress on specific projects
  • Research, organize, or develop guides, course materials, and other SEO resources.
  • Design SEO DIY product, career plans, workshops and more
  • Beta test and screen SEO tools to strengthen internal SEO toolset (think tools like Frase, Clearscope, Deep Crawl, etc)
  • In other words, about 80% of each day is spent consuming and intaking information so that learning and development can evolve into the best version that it can be
  • Bonus: obsessively think about and implement ideas to continue to make Markitors a Best Place To Work as we grow 

Ready to build the best company culture through learning and development programs and products? 

Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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