How To Grow Your Email List: Mailchimp Features You NEED To Be Using

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Within the past year, Mailchimp has released a variety of new tools to take your email marketing to the next level. From landing pages to in-depth customer profiles, Mailchimp is expanding its product lineup and YOU will be the one reaping the benefits. Get the inside scoop on a few Mailchimp tools to help you grow your email list below.

Landing Pages

MailChimp’s landing page feature is great for promoting a pre-sale items, hosting contests or giveaways and for social sharing. If your website is connected to Mailchimp it can auto-populate some of the most important details. Otherwise, you can build the landing page using Mailchimp’s easy to use drag-and-drop feature.

Mailchimp landing pages are automatically customized to all devices so you don’t have to worry about formatting. URLs can be customized to match your domain name too. The data from these landing pages can be tracked within Mailchimp, as well as your Google Analytics account and Facebook Pixel, when connected. Mailchimp landing pages are both a beautifully designed and safe page for your audience and a convenient and helpful tool for you to use.


Gone are the days of external website pop ups. Mailchimp’s pop-up feature allows you to create a pop-up within the platform. The customization tools allow the pop-up to look native to your website, matching the design and formatting.

Also, because your email list and your pop-up are both within Mailchimp, you never have to worry about an email sign-up falling through the cracks and not making it to your list.

Contact Profiles

General reports of open-rate and clicks are great to measure how an email performed but wouldn’t it be even better to see that data on the individual level? Well, you can! Contact profiles in Mailchimp help you analyze data based on each person signed up on your list. Viewing a contact profile can show you the age, gender and location of an individual on your audience list, as well as the date they joined, which emails they’ve interacted with, when they’ve gone to your website and more.

And for you e-commerce emailers out there, if you’re website is connected you can see revenue gained from an individual and their average spending habits as a result from email sendouts.

It’s easy to see that Mailchimp has unveiled an impressive lineup of features to help consolidate the business owner’s toolkit. Landing pages, pop-ups and contact profiles are just three simple tools to help grow your email list, especially if you’re already a Mailchimp user. These tools also prove that Mailchimp has come a long way from being just an email platform, but an overall digital marketing solution.

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