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The most common question concerning Instagram is probably, “How do I grow my following?” It all starts with that first impression. You can’t make a first impression twice, especially when it comes to your Instagram bio. If someone knows exactly who you are or what your business does from the first few seconds it takes to scan your account, the more likely they are to follow – and stay. People knowing what they’re going to get from you – and actually getting it – attributes greatly to a loyal follower. But, where do you start when it comes to making your bio? Read on for a list of unique Instagram bio ideas I’ve broken down by category.

First things first…

What an Instagram Bio Should Include

Your Instagram bio is prime real estate. Gone are the days where you can type out a moody quote and call it good, especially if you’re a business. Before we cover Instagram bio ideas, we need to discuss the key elements that should always be included in a bio.

An Instagram bio should include:

  • What you do
  • What people can expect from following you
  • Where you’re located (if you’re a business make sure you’re a business account so your full address can be displayed)

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into some unique Instagram bio ideas to fit your needs and convey your brand.

Instagram Bio Ideas

The List View

What I call “List-View Bios” are easy to read, give a professional impression and allow you to share maximum information in a concise way. Map out the key elements of you or your brand, craft them in 2-4 word phrases and list them in your profile. When using the list view, you can use bullet points or emojis to begin each line. This way, each line is broken up and easier to read. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression. The List-View style capitalizes on that with its organized format. 


The One-Liner

The one-liner bio is a little more challenging to achieve. This typically consists of one to two sentences that capture the brand. It’s usually a slogan or catchphrase. This type of bio should be concise, should convey strong imagery, make sense for the brand and explain what you do, although it may be in a more big-picture way.  Sage The Label does a good job of providing imagery for their clothing in one simple line in their Instagram bio.


The News Ticker

You don’t have to stick with the same Instagram bio forever. What I call “The News Ticker” is perfect for businesses that have frequent product drops or launches. Basically  this is perfect if you want to share pertinent news with someone right when they land on your page. Kylie Cosmetics, for example, changes out their bio to match new collections so when users land on the profile they know what’s the latest. As a business, this allows you to have another touchpoint to push product.

instagram bio ideas


Combination: All The Info You Need

A Combination Bio is essentially a fusion of the other bio types listed above. This is your chance to provide a fun branded slogan and crucial information. This style is perfect for businesses owners who have a brick and mortar shop and want to provide extra details about locations, hours, accolades and more.

instagram bio ideas


Your Instagram bio is your chance to show off the essential information your audience needs to know. Get creative and tell your brand’s story with these Instagram bio ideas!

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