Interview With AVANA Capital

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Sanat Patel AVANA CapitalThis is an interview with with Sanat Patel, Chief Sales Officer of AVANA Capital, a construction financing company in Phoenix.

What’s your story?

We realized a while back that, unfortunately, the small business community has been grossly underserved by traditional banks. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs can only obtain 50-60% of the funds they need to invest in the real estate required to grow. AVANA Capital was created to provide small-business owners with the capital they need to take their companies to the next level and helps facilitate funding through direct loans or the government guaranteed programs. We’re proud to help companies grow because we understand the valuable role they play in the American job market and economy.

What exactly does your company do and who benefits from the service?

At AVANA, our name says it all. With ancient Sanskrit roots, the term references someone who is a “preserver” or a “protector,” which we are in many ways. First, we help entrepreneurs start and/or grow their businesses by providing loans that are tailor made for their needs. In doing so we believe that we also help create and maintain jobs all across America and spur growth in local economies.

What makes you unique?

AVANA’s prime objective is to preserve capital and create growth. Hence, our approach to lending is to focus on niche industries where we have deep expertise and understand the risks. We believe it is better to be good at one thing than to try to become an expert in all industries. AVANA invests its capital in small and midsize businesses in the United

AVANA Capital

 States that create or maintain jobs in their communities. Unlike a lot of other companies in the field, AVANA Capital recognizes that loans are not a “one size fits all” type of product. We pride ourselves in being able to customize solutions to fit every borrowers individual needs.

What are you most excited about for the future of your company?

We have a lot of plans for growth. Most importantly, technology is moving at the ‘speed of light’ in the financial industry and AVANA Capital is committed to investing and developing cutting edge technology in order for us to do what we do in a seamless and more efficient way.

Do you have core values at your company? If so, what are they and how do they impact your business operations?  

Values: Exemplary work, Honesty, Integrity, Client Focused, Love for Family, Faith

Our greatest asset is our employees. We feel that they are truly blessed to be able to work alongside some of the smartest and nicest people. We believe clients, brokers, community banks, CDCs, and investors would want to do business with AVANA Capital because, collectively as a team, we are a strong value proposition for their financing or investment goals. Our values are embedded in the way our employees conduct themselves and, while we consider life a work in progress, we continually strive to stay true to our values.

Our values will not change from time to time, in varying circumstances, or employee to employee, but rather they serve as the foundation of AVANA’s culture

What are some stats that help showcase the impact your company has?

15 years of helping Small Businesses – $1.3 Billion in loans – More than 9300 jobs created

If you could give your clients one piece of advice, what would you say?  

If you are Borrowing money for your business: Make sure you do your homework and make certain that whoever you choose can execute.

If you are investing in real estate: Make you sure you check out and understand all of your options and how you can preserve and create growth for you and your family.

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