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This is an interview with Rob Price, Founder of Gatekeeper Press, an online self-publishing, editing, and distribution service.

What’s your story?

In college, I was a workout junkie and a personal trainer. I began creating and selling workout programs on eBay which received excellent feedback. The success of these workout programs prompted me to study the publishing industry and eventually self-publish my own workout book. The knowledge I gained publishing and infrastructure I built led me to launch a traditional book publishing company which published other authors.

As the industry changed with the proliferation of eBooks and print-on-demand technology, so did our business model. Instead of the publisher taking on all costs, having total control, and receiving most of the proceeds, we began giving our authors 100% rights, proceeds, and control in exchange for publishing services and Gatekeeper Press was born.

What exactly does your company do and who benefits from the service?

Gatekeeper Press is the world’s premier self-publishing service provider with the largest distribution network in the industry. Authors retain 100% rights, earn 100% proceeds, have 100% control, and work one-on-one with their own publishing professional. Services include Editing, Proofreading, Cover Design, Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook Design and Distribution, Illustrations, Graphic Creation, and On Demand Printing/Drop Shipping with no minimum quantity requirements.

What makes you unique?

Our service, quality, and terms are unparallelled in all of publishing. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

What are you most excited about for the future of your company?

We are excited about continuing to improve our process to make publishing simple, streamlined, professional, and fun.

Do you have core values at your company? If so, what are they and how do they impact your business operations?  

Our core values are integrity, honesty, excellence, and professionalism.

What are some stats that help showcase the impact your company has?

We work with authors of all stripes from all over the world. We work with professional writers with enormous followings and grandmothers who want to publish children’s books for their grandchildren. We publish fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, business books and everything in between.

If you could give your clients one piece of advice, what would you say?  

Publishing a beautiful, marketable, and professional book doesn’t have to be a scary experience and you don’t have to give up your rights and royalties to do it. At Gatekeeper Press, we consider our authors to be family and we back everything with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brett Farmiloe

Brett Farmiloe

Our Mission: to connect small businesses with customers…and to have a good time doing it. 

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