Consulting SEO Case Study

Generating Management Consulting Leads

org design firm generates an international inflow of leads


An organization design firm wants to generate more leads through SEO.

These leads aren’t just any leads. They are from large organizations who need a consulting firm who can assist on a wide range of issues: organization design, business integrations, change readiness, along with M&A.

The firm has dabbled in just about every marketing tactic in their 30+ year history. They’ve hired PR firms to get placements in the Financial Times. There have been in-house marketers who have deployed online methods ranging from email to paid ads.

SEO has been somewhat of an untapped resource. There’s a blog post from 5 years ago that unexpectedly ranks on page 1 and generates traffic.

But leads? And more specifically, a steady inflow of leads at the international level? Those are rare.

How do you generate leads for a consulting firm?


Not every agency can wake up and begin speaking the language of organization design.

You may be able to order a drink at the bar in a foreign language, but it is much more difficult to carry on a conversation.

Such was the challenge that faced our agency as we sought to create organization design content what would reign in the interest of notable organizations preparing to tackle important issues. We needed to learn how to speak at a similar level to the consultants on the ground.

How can an agency create content that demonstrates the expertise of a 30+ year old consulting firm?


Creating organization design content needed to be at an expert level.

To get to an expert level, we:

  • Spent a week with the team at an offsite organizational retreat
  • Interviewed and transcribed conversations with consultants every month
  • Reviewed and referenced a 400 page organizational handbook

After getting onboarded to the org design language, we began to create content that targeted long-tail keywords that prospective customers were searching for. We interviewed the firm’s current clients to learn more about the issues they were looking to solve by hiring our client. We created a content strategy, began creating the content, and promoted the content after publication. A few key elements of our SEO approach included:

  • Correcting Technical SEO issues
  • Building backlinks to the content
  • Ensuring all content was well optimized for on-page SEO and NLP (natural language processing)

Through content creation and promotion, we began to see positive movements in the search rankings. This leads us to results…


The results? Leads!

More specifically, the firm netted a deal that generated more than a half a million in revenue within their first year of working with us.

In addition, we achieved the following results:

  • Delivered 10 genuine queries per quarter
  • Increased organic search traffic and organic search keywords in top 100 by 4x in first year
  • Reduced need for PPC advertising and reduced monthly budget by gaining first page organic visibility for target keywords

This graph shows an upward trend in traffic and keywords. It definitely helps to achieve a top 3 ranking for your target key term.

Part of what we’re proud of with this engagement was a dedicated commitment to promoting the firm and the content on external sites. You can see that this promotion paid off in terms of rankings, leads, and brand awareness.

The engagement produced many wins over the years, with many more internationally known organizations getting connected to the consultancy through SEO.

“Markitors has been an invaluable partner to our firm since 2016.”

– Managing Principal, Organization Design Firm