Executive Recruiting with The Recruiterie: an Interview with The Recruiterie Founder Jon Schneider

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Feature Interview with The Recruiterie

We recently interviewed Jon Schneider from The Recruiterie to learn more about executive recruiting and why he started his business.

What’s your story?

Jon Schneider, The Recruiterie

I have been in the recruiting industry for nearly 20 years.  As one of the founding members of an employment website (Jobing.com), I have worked closely with managers, business owners, and literally thousands of candidates.  I have personally hired sales, marketing, operations, recruiters, and various support positions myself. I have built businesses and grew the internal teams to do so.  I have years of direct recruiting experience and have built strong relationships within the recruiting and HR communities. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in the industry, and I’m determined to change the way we look at recruiting and search services.

The Recruiterie  launched in early 2017, and the approach is very straightforward, mindful and transparent with hiring clients.  I feel it’s a model based on the things I’ve learned over the past 20 years. I ask questions to uncover what it is they are truly looking for – sometimes challenging clients to dig deeper.  We paint a very realistic picture to candidates about the opportunity, the organization, the level of responsibility, and a day in the life of that position. We build long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates, establishing trust on day one, and building upon that foundation for years to come.  The more I work with my clients, the better I come to understand who they are, and the types of candidates they prefer. It’s these deeply rooted relationships which stand the test of time, and yield the quality results my clients expect.


What exactly is executive recruitment, and who would benefit from your services?

Executive recruitment is a service provided to organizations who have no internal recruiting team, or those whose recruiting team needs some additional (project-based) assistance and support. At The Recruiterie we offer flexible recruiting plans to meet the needs of our clients – whether it’s per position, or ongoing monthly recruiting support – we customize our services to meet the unique goals of our clients.

As a company, we work with all types and sizes of organizations across the country, but mostly with small to medium-sized organizations the most.  We love to focus on leadership level positions, but sometimes even mid-level positions are a higher priority as companies begin to scale. No matter the level of the position, we guide the candidates through the same vetting process to determine if they will be the right fit professionally and personally.


What sets The Recruiterie apart from other companies in the industry?

The Recruiterie provides professionalism with a personal touch. Our clients appreciate the feel of a true partnership over some of the larger, national agencies.  Also, keeping in mind that recruiters are representing you and your company’s brand, it’s an important decision when choosing a recruiter – after all, they act as the face of your organization.  

We take the time to get to know our clients and the unique aspects which make them who they are.  We love to fully understand the mission and vision of the organizations we partner with, and what sets them apart from their competition – so, we can identify personality traits in candidates, which look to be the right fit for our clients.  We are very hands-on and high-touch. We believe that clear and consistent communication throughout the search reduces stress and anxiety while keeping the search on track until the offer is made.


What industries do you work with currently, and where do you hope to expand to?

Recruiting can expose you to industries you never dreamed of working in – that’s one of the many reasons I’m so passionate about recruiting – there’s always something new!  I love to learn about new industries – how one industry’s view of a position can differ from another. When focusing on identifying leaders who align with your culture, we try not to limit the industries we work with.  It’s more about the individual and the engagement of the employer in the process to find the right fit…it’s a “quality over quantity” mindset. Given our process to truly get to know the candidates and what motivates them, we do find our process lending itself to small and medium-sized businesses, younger organizations experiencing high growth and non-profit organizations. 

We look forward to a subscription-based model, which enables companies with consistent needs to essentially have a professional recruiter on reserve for a specific amount of hires each month.  This is much more cost effective for those organizations who may not have enough positions for a full-time recruiter, but require the experience of a senior executive recruiter from time to time.


What piece of advice would you offer someone looking for an executive recruiter?

Make sure the recruiter you select asks a lot of in-depth questions about you, your business, your team dynamic, etc.  Don’t just focus on the experience and education of the individual, while those details are very important, there are many soft skills and personal details which can weigh heavily on the individual’s candidacy.  

With historically low unemployment rates, the market has become a “candidate’s market.”  Ask your recruiter how they will navigate this, ensuring you find the best candidates and stay on pace to hit your company goals.

If the recruiter you partner with has all the information they need to appropriately represent you and your open opportunities, they will be much more successful in identifying the right individuals to grow your teams.


If you find yourself in a situation and need some friendly and clear recruiting advice, feel free to reach out to Jon directly at The Recruiterie



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