Social Media Campaign Strategy

January 26, 2013
January 26, 2013 Markitors

How do you develop a social media campaign strategy for a green marketing initiative?

Social Media Campaign Strategy

Markitors approach to developing a social media campaign strategy:

The goal of the Million Mile Mission is to build a future that sucks less (gas). As gas prices approached $5 per gallon, the Million Mile Mission felt that there’s never been a better time to “go fuel free.” Whether’s it’s riding a bike to work, going for a run or driving an electric vehicle, the campaign challenged people to log a million fuel free miles.

Markitors created the social media campaign strategy behind the “Million Mile Mission.” The annual challenge focused on recreational athletes and electric car enthusiasts. The challenage also included a cross country bike ride to kick off the campaign.

Here’s a few of the highlights from the social media campaign strategy from the 60 day, cross country bike ride that kicked off the Million Mile Mission:

  • Photos and multimedia content of sponsor products at US landmarks
  • Co-branded logo placement on online and offline tour assets
  • Strategic tour stops that are conducive to social media exposure
  • One unique social media campaign strategy

Here are some photos that describe the marketing language and target market of the Million Mile Mission:

Social Media Campaign Strategy - Markitors

Cyclists and bike enthusiasts were encouraged to ride their bike and register their miles on the Million Mile Mission website. Cyclists who registered a certain amount of miles were rewarded with real and virtual prizes. This gamification element to the campaign added extra fuel to participant’s motivations.

Social Media Campaign Strategy - Bikers

Partnerships were established with green vehicle companies that would enable the cross country campaign to take place. This included an electric car company and a company that install vehicle charging stations.

Social Media Campaign Strategy - Electric Car

Although the wheels haven’t started turning yet for the Million Mile Mission, you can learn more at

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