Social Media Marketing on Instagram: 4 Apparel Companies doing it well

June 18, 2013 Brett Farmiloe

Social media marketing with Instagram can be difficult unless you have the right strategies.

The content on Instagram is almost entirely limited to pictures, there’s no private messaging or chat service, and a high number of mobile users makes it difficult to direct people to a website. For apparel companies, driving traffic back to an online store or getting people to call in an order is critical to selling product. Despite these difficulties, some apparel companies are doing a great job reaching out to old and new customers on the site.

Junky Trunk | Social Media Marketing on Instagram

1. Junky Trunk Boutique

With over 21,000 followers, Junky Trunk Boutique in Gilbert, Arizona has carved out a unique place for itself on the picture sharing website. The women’s clothing boutique frequently posts pictures of its products, but it’s the daily sales and weekly free-to-enter giveaways that make the company’s marketing strategy such a success.
In order to enter a giveaway, Instagram users must screenshot the picture advertising the giveaway, post it to their own profile, and tag @JunkyTrunk. This is any easy process for the user, making people more likely to enter. However, by having its followers share their product, Junky Trunk increases brand awareness and entices more users to enter the giveaway.

Bonbobos | Social Media Marketing on Instagram

2. Bonobos

Bonobos succeeds on Instagram by encouraging engagemenet The brand asked its Instagram followers to take pictures of themselves wearing Bonobos clothing and tag the company in the photo for a chance to be featured in their new store on Crosby Street in New York City. Not to mention, the eye-catching photography featured on Bonobos’ profile is genuinely good. The biggest secret to getting people to “like,” comment on, or share photos is to post photos that are likeable. Take interesting pictures, tag them appropriately, and followers will appreciate it.

Macy's | Social Media Marketing on Instagram

3. Macy’s

Because Macy’s is a large corporation, the content on their Instagram differs from that of small apparel companies. Macy’s Instagram account features behind-the-scenes looks at photo shoots and events like Macy’s Fireworks and the Macy’s Day Parade.
Because these events are so large and well known, getting an exclusive look behind-the-scenes through Instagram is appealing to many customers. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage is a good way to attract followers, but Macy’s doesn’t stop there. The photos they post on Instagram are still attractive from a photography standpoint – even the pictures that are not taken at huge corporate events. People like looking at good pictures and seeing the smaller side of large companies, which is why Macy’s Instagram is such a success.

Sportiqe | Social Media Marketing on Instagram

4. Sportiqe

The apparel company makes an effort to post pictures of their product that is relevant to current events – for example, this collage of their EA Sports collection they posted during E3 video gaming expo. By making a connection between current events and their apparel, Sportiqe shows their current followers a product they may not have seen before and reaches out to others who may be interested in what Sportiqe offers. This type of social media marketing can be done on sites other than Instagram as well. However, because appearance is such a big part of any apparel company, using a picture-based network like Instagram is highly effective.

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Brett Farmiloe

Brett Farmiloe

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