Markitors offers social media marketing services to B2C companies who want to improve their online presence.

Grow your online presence through our social media marketing services that include audits, management and monitoring. Read more about our offerings below.

Social Media Audit

Half of marketers don’t have an ROI figure for social media. Don’t be that marketer. It’s time that we make every dollar count.

Markitors is the only social media marketing services company that was started by a financial auditor. We provide insights and data figures for agencies, business owners and marketers. The quality of our digital media audit starts with the experience of conducting audits in the financial and marketing worlds. We’ve analyzed the numbers of many of the world’s fastest growing companies as it relates to both finances and marketing. These experiences have produced a proven methodology that we use to deploy the latest, high quality auditing tools and perspectives.

Whether you’re already at the top or you’re on your way up, our digital media audit will give you a fresh perspective of your online presence. Learn more about our social media audit service here.

Social Media Management

Our social media marketing services get things rolling. Companies trust us to manage their online presence for 3-6 months. In that time, you’ll steadily see your online presence grow. Your interactions with customers will happen much more frequently. You will begin to see your online community strengthen. And after some time and cultivation, we’ll hand the reins back to you.

In our experience, we’ve found out that we don’t want to manage your social media efforts forever. Why? Because outsourcing your social media doesn’t work in the long term. No agency, including us, cares more about your business than you do. But, we’ve found it to be valuable for companies to look to us to help them get on the right track. And that’s exactly what our social media management service does. It puts you on the path to social success.

Learn more about our social media management service here.

Digital Marketing Strategy

You’ve done an incredible job building the offline segments of your business. But now, you’re looking to replicate your success online. Your offline success most likely came as a result of having a solid strategy in place. You know you’ll need to implement and execute an online strategy to identify and achieve your online wants and needs. And that’s where we come in.

Digital marketing is a very powerful tool when built around the right insights. We plan on getting into the heads of your competition and potential customers to make sure we have that knowledge. Once we’ve been onboarded, we will develop ground breaking digital campaigns and create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will serve as the foundation for the future of your digital marketing.

Learn more about our digital marketing strategy service here.

Social Media Monitoring

Consumers talk online. Whether these social media conversations are about you, your competition or your industry, you should be listening. Whether you want to get closer to your best customers or find new customers, our social media marketing services can help you derive value from the massive amount of online discussions taking place.

Our social media marketing services monitor the best platforms for social insights – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Craigslist, Blogs, Forums and more – to automate the listening process and focus on those conversations surrounding your brand, competitors and industry that matter most.

The goal of our social media monitoring product is to provide you with an easy to use tool that will help you or your social media coordinator grow your business. Our social media monitoring product is a one time fee and is free to use thereafter.

Learn more about our social media monitoring service here.