The Benefits of Working Remotely

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Work from a coffee shop, from your bed, or even answer emails while sippin’ a cold drink at the beach-you have all heard the great benefits of working remotely. I am here to tell you the rumors are true and it is amazing. You have the opportunity to recharge from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you might be for that matter. Here are a few benefits I have received from having the opportunity to work remotely.

My Work Significantly Improved

Since I have been able to work where I am most productive I feel like the kind of work I create is far better than when I’m in the office. I believe this is due limiting the number of distractions I’m facing at work. It can be mentally draining when you are constantly trying to block out all the distraction at work, so avoiding them altogether has been amazing. I can feel myself relax and focus more on the tasks that I have to get done each day.

Perfect For When You Need a “Vacation”

At my office our CEO lets us take vacations with the understanding that some of those days you can have the option to work remote. This allows us to enjoy our time with family and friends knowing that we are getting our work done. Just last week I was in NYC for Thanksgiving and was able to work four out of the nine days I was out of town. I noticed that I was able to focus on the key deliverables that needed to be completed while enjoying the new work environment in the city. Also, I am someone who doesn’t have family in the state I work in, so this option is great. 

I Can Change Up My Working Environment

This has to be my favorite aspect of working remote. You have the ability to work wherever you would like. I have worked from breweries, coffee shops, and poolside to name a few of my favorite spots. This keeps work fresh and exciting. Yes, you’re still doing the same task as you would be doing at the office, but a new environment can give you the creative juices you need. If you ever feel like you need a change of pace make sure you find the best working environment for you. Try a few different spots until you find one that is most comfortable.

I Can Access Everything I Need

Another great perk about working in digital marketing is most of what we do is online. I can access all the files and documents that I may need on my work laptop. If you are considering working remote for your company, make sure you have access to anything you might need. If you find yourself constantly hitting roadblocks because you don’t have the right information then working remotely might not be the best option for you.

My Schedule is Flexible

When I am working at the office in normally work from 7:30 am until 4 pm. When I work remotely than can change. I usually will start my day earlier since I don’t have to get ready for the day before work. Also, If I feel a little bit foggy around 2 pm I can take a mental break and come back when I am feeling refreshed.

The perks of working remotely can drastically change the way you work. For me, I love the idea of changing my work environment when I’m in need of something new. See if your employer will allow you to work remote and see how it can benefit your work life.

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