8 Things Every Landscaping Website Should Have

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What is one thing every landscaping website should have?

To help your landscaping business create the perfect website, we asked tech experts and business leaders this question for their best website ideas. From listing all of your services to including customer reviews there are several website features that may help your landscaping site to be more effective.

Here are eight things every landscaping website should have:

  • Install Analytics And Conversion Tracking
  • Add Professional Before & After Photos
  • List Your Services
  • Include Customers Appreciate Pricing Details
  • Detail Your Past Work
  • Present Honest Customer Reviews
  • Showcase A variety Of Styles
  • Curate An Embedded Social Media Gallery

Install Analytics and Conversion Tracking

Tracking your website analytics and conversion tracking is important for your landscaping website because it gives you insight on your site visitors’ and potential customers’ behaviors. This information will help you in your business strategies for business growth. Make sure to test these every so often to ensure that they are tracking properly and providing the desired metrics.

Danielle Ganon, Markitors

Add Professional Before & After Photos

According to our data, the most important section of a landscaping website is a before and after page with professional photos. Each time we have implemented one of these sections it is the most navigated-to page and results in more time on the page than just after photos. This allows potential customers to see the original yard in a relatable way and allows them to believe that the end result is something that is achievable in their lawn as well. These sections statistically lead to a high conversion rate of visitors to leads.

Cole Torres, Local Eye Media

List Your Services

A lot of landscaping companies forget to include the type of services and work they provide, which makes it difficult to find the right landscaper for what you need and the type of projects you have in mind. Do you specialize in maintenance or design and install? Customers want to easily find that information on your website.

Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages

Include Customers Appreciate Pricing Details

While there are different ways to landscape a yard, a simple calculator that allows you to plug in materials and square footage and gives a very rough idea of price is quite the differentiator. I say this because we are currently in the process of planning the landscaping for our yard and there are only a handful of sites that offer details about their pricing. Guess who we will be calling for an estimate?

Steven Brown, DP Electric Inc

Detail Your Past Work

Allowing visitors to compare before & after photos brings your website up a level. Even better is when specific changes are well documented and relevant transformation elements that would otherwise go unnoticed are pointed out. When presented this way, customers get a feel for the care put into your work.

Rebeca Sena, GetSpace.Digital

Present Honest Customer Reviews

Any business can put together a pretty website accompanied by convincing landscaping photos these days. But what would set your landscaping business apart is the inclusion of genuine, authentic, and honest reviews from customers outlining why they chose your business and why potential customers should follow suit. Be sure to include their names, locations, images, and of course, permission to use their reviews. They help to highlight values your business can bring to customers. Be sure to include reviews covering different aspects of your business, from the speed of your operations to pricing, communications—anything that is appealing to your ideal customer profile.

Hung Nguyen, Smallpdf

Showcase A Variety Of Styles

Be sure you have plenty of photos that show a variety of styles and plantings for everyone. If you just show lawns and bushes, customers may not realize how good your company is with xeriscaping, water features, or outdoor lighting. Photos in the evening with dramatic lighting can help people better envision their own space. Categorizing photos can be very helpful. I would look for low water, low maintenance, and perennials, while others might want rock gardens or tropical choices. Showing off the best of what you can do will definitely draw a variety of customers.

Colleen McManus, Senior HR Executive and Consultant

Curate An Embedded Social Media Gallery

Every landscaping website should have an embedded social media gallery in addition to high-quality on-page photo content. Landscaping is a visual art, and photos are a key tool to sell the service. Incorporating social media content is a time and cost effective way to keep content fresh and on-trend. Updating the main website’s photo gallery and home page usually involves paying a web designer. However, social feeds automatically display curated content, meaning visitors can see the most recent project highlights and view new content upon every site visit. Not to mention, business owners can source Facebook or Instagram for user generated content, leveraging client photos and testimonials as low-cost, low-effort marketing materials.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

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