3 Tips For Running a Successful Agency Instagram

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Tips For Running a Successful Agency Instagram

You’ve got the clients, you’re doing the work and are reporting amazing results, nice job! But have you checked your own numbers lately? At a digital marketing agency where your sole focus is growing social followings for others, the agency’s own social accounts can get tossed to the wayside.

Having an active and engaged audience for your own digital marketing agency is extremely important. It’s not uncommon for someone to check a company’s social media presence online before purchasing a product or service. When a client is going to hire you for social media would they pick you if your own agency’s accounts are inactive or disengaged?

It’s not easy to keep up your own social media accounts when you’re running the social accounts for other clients. But, here three tips for running a successful agency Instagram.

Capture Behind-The-Scenes

Let your audience and potential clients see the people behind the strategies and numbers. If you have a team event, snap a photo! Utilizing Instagram Stories is another great way to keep up engagement while showing behind-the-scenes. Any company activity, training or lunch could be a moment to share. This kind of content is great for building relationships and humanizing the people who are doing the client work day-to-day.

Position Yourself as a Resource

The strategy at your agency is dedicated to your clients but save some for you social accounts! Sharing a few “insider” tips about digital marketing will position you as a resource online and the expert when potential clients need someone to turn to. Share an infographic highlighting a new trend, have an employee do “a day in the life” takeover or, if a client is willing, share a success story. Being seen as an expert is crucial when publishing content as an agency.

Make Your Own Social Media A Client

If you notice your agency’s social media channels slipping through the cracks, consider treating your agency’s channels as a client. Take a half-hour to go over content ideas as a team and plan it out. Obviously the priority for an agency is to put clients first but your Instagram, along with all platforms, should be active to let the world know you practice what you preach. Having a few people rotate posts or if there is an employee volunteer that wants to own it, can be a great way to ensure your channels are active.

Clients come first in an agency, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But having active social media channels will help your agency’s’ brand in the long run. An active online presence means more chances to be found by potential clients and what digital marketing agency wouldn’t want that?

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