Why is LinkedIn Important For Young Professionals

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Why is LinkedIn Important For Young Professionals?

Linkedin offers many benefits as a social media platform. You can get inspired, gather knowledge, make meaningful relationships, and even market yourself. No matter what you do, there is a way Linkedin can help you along your career! Here are four of the reasons why LinkedIn is important for young professionals – and why I personally love LinkedIn.

Network with people in all fields

Networking with others helps you establish long-term connections with people. LinkedIn is a great platform for networking. You can connect with others in your field for joint collaborations to solve big issues and think of new solutions. You may connect with other industry leaders for new opportunities to learn and grow through interesting conversation or even working on a new project.

Let’s say you are interested in a specific role. You can find and reach out to someone that currently has the position and ask any questions you have. People love sharing their experiences and you may make a meaningful relationship with them. Offer to buy them coffee or even lunch! I know first hand someone that secured an internship by reaching to the CEO. It doesn’t hurt to try and you could even create new opportunities for yourself.

Find a mentor

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey.

There is real power in getting a mentor. Mentors have the potential to completely change your perspective on issues and struggles you may be having. Having someone offer you guidance through the calms and storms of your career could make the difference between being fulfilled in a career you love and being stuck somewhere along the way. 

This is why LinkedIn is important for young professionals. You can connect with individuals in your city that you would one day want to be like. Having a direct line to communicate with someone is a value that only new technology can grant.

Connect with Job Recruiters

Many staffing agencies use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. Staffing agencies will look for specific candidates with job experiences and skills by your LinkedIn account. Having your job experience, skills, and education on LinkedIn will help you land a job. You will have people reaching out with job opportunities. This service is free to you and a recruiter will even work with you to improve your resume. If you are seeking work as many fresh graduates are, be sure to keep an updated account.

Industry Knowledge

Staying on top of industry news and trends is easy through LinkedIn. You can follow boards and people that post about the industry. This helps you stay up to date with headlines in the field. You can also use this information hub as a way to learn about other industries and diversify your knowledge. I often find really interesting articles that make me think about something I never would have considered previously.

Social media platforms have surpassed from being used to make friends to connecting people around the world for personal and professional growth. As a young professional it is very beneficial to upkeep with LinkedIn. You don’t need to use it everyday but upkeeping it can reap many rewards.

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